Throne of Eldraine Theme Booster Packs Explained

The Throne of Eldraine pre-release weekend is past us and we were incredibly excited to begin playing, testing and using the new cards from the Throne of Eldraine set!

There a number of ways to acquire the cards for this set, as Wizards of the Coast have released a number of products that contain these cards, including Booster Boxes, Planeswalker Decks, Collector’s Edition booster packs and Bundles.

All of these products look amazing, but today we are going to hone in on and focus our attention on one product in particular, the Throne of Eldraine Theme Booster Packs, a product that many players are still unfamiliar with, despite the incredible value that they offer.

What Are Magic the Gathering Theme Booster Packs?

The Magic the Gathering Theme Booster packs are a product that to this day, many veterans of the game have yet to open, despite the fact that they were introduced with the Dominaria set.

We often hear people asking what do these packs contain? What are the contents? What am I getting?

Each Throne of Eldraine Theme Booster pack contains 35 cards exactly, but not just any 35 cards, as unlike the average draft booster pack that is contained within a Booster Box, the Theme Booster packs are specifically focused on an individual mana color.

Throne of Eldraine Theme Booster

Fortunately, as can be seen from the images above, the Throne of Eldraine Theme Booster Packs contain the mana symbol clearly on the face of their packaging, dismissing any confusion.

This is great news for many players that are simply looking to focus on one mana color within a new set, as it allows them to only acquire the cards that THEY want, in the color that THEY want.

This means that you are more quickly going to be able to build the mono colored deck that you want, without opening up a ton of cards that you simply have no use for, nor ever plan on using.

The Commons, Uncommons, Rares and Mythic Pull Rate

This is another recurring question that we often hear when Theme Booster packs are mentioned, how many commons, uncommons, rares and mythics do I get in each pack?

Starting with the Throne of Eldraine Theme Booster packs, the chances of hitting a rare / mythic card is 1.5 per pack, meaning that one out of every ten packs will contain a “double hit”.

You could pull one rare, one mythic, or two of any of these rarities if you are lucky, including two mythics in one pack!

Throne of Eldraine Mythic Cards

The number of commons and uncommons however, is more random, but luckily for you, they overwhelming contain more uncommons than the standard booster pack.

Here is an example of what was contained within a previous sets Theme Booster pack;

As can be seen, this Dominaria Theme Booster pack contained 14 uncommons, 20 commons and 1 rare card.

The amount of uncommons and commons can fluctuate, however, the numbers shown above are not odd to see at all.

For example, Zephyr Epic sells a Throne of Eldraine Booster Box for $139.99 CAD and a set of five Theme Booster packs for $42.99 CAD.

What this means is that for $139.99, you get approximately 16.3 Theme Booster packs, each containing 35 cards each. 

Using the above pull rate of 14 uncommons, you will thus get 228 uncommons from the Theme Booster packs, vs the constant 108 you would get in a standard Booster Box.

With the example shown above, this means that you are going to receive more than double the amount of uncommons in a Theme Booster pack, than in the standard booster pack!

This alone makes the Theme Booster packs well worth the cost, even more so, if you are looking to acquire a lot of high value uncommons in a specific mana color.

Lands and Artifacts

Another misconception that we often hear surrounding the Theme Booster packs, is that they don’t contain any land cards, or artifact cards.

This is simply not the case, as seen in the pulled contents from the link above, and as seen in our own personal experience, the Theme Booster packs 100% can and do contain artifact cards.

Throne of Eldraine Artifacts

This is great news, as many mono colored decks will still want to have artifact cards included in their list.

Throne of Eldraine Common Lands

Additionally, the lands contained within your Themed Booster pack, will be on target and focused on your chosen mana color, making them that much more valuable and useful in building your mono colored deck.

In Conclusion

Although the Theme Booster packs are often dismissed by some for only containing “fodder”, or “draft chaft”, we think the math above could argue a completely different story, and highlights just how lucrative the Theme Booster packs can be for a specific audience.

The Theme Booster packs are the best “bang for your buck” if you are only seeking cards of a specific mana color, or even if you are simply looking to create a multi colored deck, as you can target only the mana colors you need.

They are amazing for new players, as they are themed and help guide players towards building a coherent first deck, granting them many powerful on color uncommons at the same time.

We hope that this article has helped dispel some of the questions you may of had surrounding the Theme Booster packs and we are interested to hear what you think of this product? 

Let us know in the comment section below and as always, thanks for reading!