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The Guilds of Ravnica, and It’s Vast History Within the Multiverse

October 15, 2018

The Plane of Ravnica is one that consist of a rich and vibrant history, that expands throughout years of Magic the Gatherings history, today, we explore it.

Guilds of Ravnica

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The Power of Dragon Majesty, Altaria GX Unleashed

October 10, 2018

The true power contained within the Dragon Majesty set is explored as we highlight one of the hottest Pokémon contained within this set, Altaria GX.

Dragon Majesty Altaria GX deck list.

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Why Baseball Cards are (Almost) Always the Most Valuable

October 09, 2018

If you look at a list of the top valued cards based on selling price, you'll notice it's dominated by baseball cards. This is why.
Baseball Card Values
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