Loyalty Program

Join our Epic loyalty program and get access to exclusive rewards and perks

By signing up, you can earn points while you shop and redeem them for coupons and discounts on future purchases.

The more you spend the more points you earn, which leads to big savings on your future orders!


How do I become a loyalty member?

Become a loyalty member and start earning points now by signing up for an account here. When you sign up for an account you’ll earn epic rewards points that can be redeemed for discount codes on future purchases, get exclusive access to Epic Deals, promotions, events and giveaways, and checkout faster with a super user-friendly account dashboard!

How do I check my point balance?

Your current point balance and your recent point history will be found on your My Account page under Epic Rewards.

Do the reward points expire?

Yes. They expire within 1 year.

I forgot to log in to my account when I submitted my orders. Can I still earn the points?

You can definitely have your points added retroactively to your account. Send an email to [email protected] and inform your order number.

What rewards are there for earning points?

  • $5 off discount with 500 Epic Points
  • $10 off discount with 1000 Epic Points
  • $20 off discount with 2000 Epic Points
  • $25 off discount with 2500 Epic Points


How do I redeem my points?

Make sure that you are signed in to your account. When you have enough points to redeem, the option to redeem your points will appear in your shopping cart. If you would like to access the eligible points, then you can apply it on the spot while you are checking out online. You can find the option to redeem your points above where you see your products within your account.

Please note, you can not redeem your points and use other discount codes at the same time. Additionally, you can only redeem your points when you have reached the qualifying tiers (listed above).

What ways are there to earn points?

  • Place an order and get 1 Epic Point for every $1 spent
  • Watch for special double-the-points days to earn 2 points for every $1 spent


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