2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1: New Hits, New Designs, New Young Guns

2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1

The NHL pre-season is now in full swing and on Wednesday, October 2nd, the puck drops as the first game of the 2019-2020 season officially takes place.

The Stanley Cup champions, the St. Louis Blues will host the Washington Capital at the Enterprise Center, at which time they will unveil their championship banner, immortalizing their amazing victory last season.

The season will consist of 1,271 regular season games, with each team getting to play 82 games each, coming to a conclusion on April 4th, 2020.

This season is set to be both intense and exciting, and as fans of one of the greatest games on Earth, we couldn’t be more excited! Or could we?

Releasing on November 6th is another start of a “new season”, and one that has fans of the hockey card world equally as excited…

 2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1 Releases November 6th

Heralded as the flagship product in the hockey card collectibles world, Upper Deck Series 1 is considered to be the core set in the hobby, that collectors must have and of which signifies the start of a new season of collecting.

Fortunately, the wait is nearly over, as the sets release date, November 6th is rapidly approaching.

This years set looks amazing and is set to impress once again with 198 base cards, 49 Young Guns and three checklist cards.

The base set cards are easy to obtain and are an amazing way to introduce a new comer to the hobby of hockey card collectibles.

2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1

The full checklist for these cards is yet to be released, but as soon as it is made available you will be able to find it at your convenience, by clicking here.

However, what many are after, are the Young Gun cards, which are highly sought after rookie cards featuring the league’s newest players each and every year…

The Young Guns 2019-20

No collection is truly complete without the Upper Deck Young Guns version of their favorite player, as this series of card prints is considered to be the staple rookie card in the hockey card collecting hobby world.

Sure more expensive, more exclusive prints may exist, but the Young Guns are the bread and butter of the hobby and for this reason, the Upper Deck Series 1 sets remain incredibly popular year after year.

As is typical, Upper Deck splits their rookie cards into two sets, Series 1 and Series 2, the latter of which will release as its own set in 2020.

Upper Deck Series 1 contains 49 brand new, never before seen rookie cards, of which are sure to have fans chasing after then for months to come.

In addition to this, Upper Deck 2019-20 will feature a brand new, refreshing card design for their Young Gun cards.

2019-20 Upper Deck series 1

Some of the top prospects to look out for this year are as follows;

  • Jack Hughes, C, New Jersey Devils
  • Kaapo Kakko, RW, New York Rangers​
  • Cale Makar, D, Colorado Avalanche​
  • Filip Zadina, LW, Detroit Red Wings​
  • Cody Glass, C, Vegas Golden Knights​

The cards once again look great, however, if you are interested in scrolling through the years and browsing previous years Young Gun card designs, then we strongly suggest that you check out the Cardboard Connections article titled “Forever Young”, which showcases how the cards have changed throughout the years.

2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1 Inserts

Although the Young Guns are considered to be the flagship cards within the set, they are far from the most rare, or to some, even the most sought after cards contained within the set each and every year.

A plethora of other cards are contained within the Upper Deck Series sets, of which include, but are not limited to the following;

  • UD Canvas (1:6)
  • UD Canvas Young Guns (1:48)
  • Pure Energy (1:6)
  • 30 Years of Upper Deck (1:30)
  • Generation Next (1:15)
  • Shooting Stars (Odds vary based on position)
  • Clear Cut (Odds vary based on position)
2019-20 Upper Deck series 1

In addition to these inserts, you will also of course have the chance of scoring some amazing autographed cards, or even some “relic cards”, which features pieces of game equipment embedded within the cards themselves.

2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1 Products

The odds of pulling a card depend on which product that you buy.

Also, some cards are exclusive to certain products, with the “Hobby Boxes” generally containing the most variety of “hits”, although at a higher entry price.

2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1

However, for those that are simply looking to chase down the base set, or obtain as many Young Guns as possibly, then the “Retail Boxes” are the ones for you, as they offer the best bang for your buck, if Young Guns are your primary focus.

2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1

Zephyr Epic currently has all of the 2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1 products available for preorder, which include the following items;

As you can see, Upper Deck Series 1 line includes many various different products, at varying prices, so make sure to check out the products above, to see which one best suits your needs.


In Conclusion

The Upper Deck Series 1 set is once again looking to impress and hopefully you are as excited as we are to tear open and dig into what this set has to offer.

In the coming days, we will learn more about which Young Guns, and which cards are going to be included in the November 6th set release.

Remember, if your favorite Young Gun doesn’t appear in the Series 1 set release, that just means that they are likely going to make their appearance in Series 2, releasing later next year.

What do you think of this years 2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1 set? Do you like the new designs, are you impressed with the inserts? Let us know in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading!