Yu-Gi-Oh! In 2018, is Your Childhood Card Game Still Worth Playing?

Written from the perspective of our content writer, Anthony. 

My life can be put into phases based on my choice of trading card games.


When I was young I played Pokemon TCG, then as a pre-teen and in my early teen years I played Yu-Gi-Oh, after which I stopped until recently where I’ve taken a reinterest in trading card games.


It’s a common story, and many who have fond memories of trading card games during their youth wonder: ”will it be fun now?”


This blog post will use my own personal experience to answer that question:


Is Yu-Gi-Oh still around?

First off, you may be wondering if Yu-Gi-Oh is still a thing in 2018.


To that I say: Yes, very much so. It isn’t as big of a community as magic or Pokemon, but there are still new releases, and there are some interesting developments in terms of apps and augmented reality.


The collecting experience in 2018

A major part of the collecting experience is the number of new releases, and luckily Yu-Gi-Oh! Sets are coming out every month. Just last year, 37 sets were released we’re already on track for more than 2 dozen releases in 2018.


This means you’ll have plenty of options for collecting in 2018. Perhaps best of all, there’s an awesome mix of old and new cards resulting in an experience that’s both nostalgic and new!


Apps and online presence

Another important consideration is the mobile apps and online presence of the game. Again, Konami has done well creating a well reviewed app with which you can join in on the fun for free!


Downloading the app takes a while. Like several minutes of just atmospheric music, but once it’s done you’re greeted with a really cool app where you can play the card game with your favorite cards animated and “brought to life” in front of you.


The gameplay is straightforward and fun, but best of all you can earn in game currency for buying new packs and satisfy that itch to open a pack of the latest release.



While not quite as frequent or widespread as Pokémon, there are plenty of events to participate in if you want to partake in the competitive scene. This is especially true if you’re looking at online events and tournaments too!


Final Thoughts

So, is it worth playing? If you’re even considering it, I’d say: yes! It’s a very fun card game that pulls of being nostalgic and new at the same time. Additionally, it offers a nice middle ground in terms of complexity when compared to the simpler Pokemon TCG and more complex magic the gathering.