You Must Follow These Hockey Card Blogs and Channels

A little while back, we created a roundup of Pokemon related blogs that every die hard Pokemon fan should follow. Not to leave out our hockey fans, here’s a similar list of hockey card blogs and YouTube channels that hockey fans must follow:

8 Must Follow Hockey Card Blogs and YouTube Channels


1. Upper Deck’s YouTube Channel

From product announcements and previews to excited fans unboxing their favorite cards, the Upper Deck YouTube channel features a good mix of content for hockey card fans out there. It’s one of the fastest ways to preview upcoming products thanks to their videos which go over the cards coming in new packs and releases.


2. Zeeree Gaming’s YouTube Channel

While the channel’s name is Zeeree Gaming, don’t let that mislead you. There are no Minecraft let’s plays here, but rather a channel full of box breaks and set building.


3.  NHL Official YouTube Channel

Okay, you’re probably already following this channel, but if not, you need to be! There’s top 10 plays videos, fun collaborations with Snoop Dogg, and more.


4. Boots Kennedy’s YouTube Channel

One of the smaller YouTube channels on our list, Boots Kennedy does regular openings of card packs as he hunts for elusive cards and grows his collection. Don’t let his smaller size fool you, the content is great, especially if you just can’t get enough box openings!


5. Prokotaco’s YouTube Channel

You’ve probably seen us mention Prokotaco in a Facebook Post or Tweet before, and for good reason. We’ve partnered with him to do giveaways and such in the past! Definitely check out the channel for the unboxing videos and set building, you won’t be disappointed.


6. Puck Junk Blog

The Puck Junk Blog focuses not just on hockey cards and collectibles, but on hockey’s culture too. Everything from books, movies, video games, and pop culture are covered, making it not just a great blog for the hockey card fan, but a great blog for a hockey fan in general!


7. Upper Deck Blog

We couldn’t leave out the Upper Deck Official Blog. Just like their YouTube, it’s one of the best places to get updates on new products.


8. Zephyr Epic Blog

Of course we had to put our own blog on here. While we do feature a mixture of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! content, you would be missing out if your didn’t catch some of our epic (pun intended) hockey blogs. Plus, you’re already here, so you definitely should follow if you aren’t already!