Your Six Favourite Hockey Cards

We asked what your favorite and/or most prized hockey cards were on Facebook, and boy did you respond! Here are your favorite hockey cards along with pictures:

1. Crosby Young Gun

Crosby Young Gun

This is one very sweet, and very expensive card. Chris Bursey mentioned this one, and with good reason. They sell for hundreds and even over a thousand dollars online. Definitely a prized card!

2. Dmitry Orlov Shield

Dmitry Orlov Shield

This one comes from Derek Manchester who posted this picture of a Dmitry Orlov Shield card. It’s tough to find what they’re selling for online, but the 2012 authentic game-used NHL shield is a great piece of memorabilia to have!

3. 1979-80 Topps #18 Wayne Gretzky

1979-80 Topps #18 Wayne Gretzky

We love old cards, and this Wayne Gretzky is no exception. This one comes from Jacob Berthiaume who appears to have a 6 EX-MT condition example of the card. This card goes for around $300 in that condition, which is awesome! Great card to have in your collection Jacob!

4. Auston Matthews Young Guns Card

Auston Matthews Young Guns Card

Next up we’ve got the Auston Matthews Young Guns card, suggested by Prokotaco and David Kirke. These can fetch upwards of $200 in good condition, and are likely to appreciate in value as time goes on. A great pick, and a lucky card to pull!

5. Nathan Mackinnon Hot Prospects

5. Nathan Mackinnon Hot Prospects

After that, we have the Nathan Mackinnon Hot Prospects card, signed and with a patch. She’s a beauty and is pretty rare too. Only a couple were found online for sale, both over $100. Nice pull Smith John Smith!

6. 2016-17 UD #C106 Patrik Laine Young Guns

2016-17 UD #C106 Patrik Laine Young Guns

This one is a beauty. Posted by Abe Teichroeb, this Gem Mint graded example is of one of the hottest cards from this past season! The card is word well over $100 and Abe’s lucky to pull it. Nice!

These are some great cards, and it’s so exciting to see members of our community with such prized cards. Let us know if you like these kinds of posts on our Facebook Page, and if so we’ll be sure to put more out there for you guys! Stay Epic!