The Ten Most Valuable Burning Shadows Cards

Pokémon Sun and Moon Burning Shadows is out now, and it’s got a lot to be excited about. Because it’s actually a combination of two Japanese releases, there are plenty of rare, cool cards.

Here we’ll take a look at what cards we estimate to be the most valuable. Time will tell if these predictions hold true. However, these cards will be valuable to all who manage to pull them from boosters.

Let’s jump right in:

Guzma FA

Guzma’s full art card has been seen selling for around $50 dollars already, and if you’re asking why, here’s the answer:


Lysandre is rotating out and was a staple of competitive play. Players are looking to Guzma to fill in the gap left by lysandre, as lysandre was crucial to several play styles.


This makes Guzma a valuable card due to its desirability in competitive play. If you look back to Lysandre full art cards, they’d fetch a pretty high price too!


Plus, Guzma is a very hard card to pull, so if you grab one consider yourself very lucky!


Kiawe FA

Kiawe’s utility in a fire deck makes his card a valuable one, but we can’t be sure how valuable yet. His cards have sold anywhere from $11 to $30.


Depending on how many fire type decks are used this season, we may see his price stay high, or drop lower. Still a good pull if you can get it!


Secret Rare Fairy Energy

We’ll be short here, but the secret rare energies in Sun and Moon Burning Shadows all appear to be selling in the mid 20s. Fairy energy will likely be worth more over time, but we can only speculate at this point.


Secret Rare Dark Energy

Selling mid 20s, so it’s a great pick.


Secret Rare Fire Energy

Also selling in the mid 20s, may rise in price if fire decks become common this season.


Rainbow Rare Darkrai GX

The Rainbow Rare Darkrai GX is a beautiful card to behold. Many of the rainbow rares are fetching high prices and the RR Darkrai GX is no exception.


If you pull this card, you’re in luck it currently sells for around $25.


Secret Rare Rescue Stretcher

The Secret Rare Rescue Stretcher is similar to the Secret Rare Field Blower, which means it’s got great value. It’s been selling out in the mid 20 prices, so it’s not too far fetched to think this card may surpass the 30 dollar mark!


Secret Rare Gardevoir GX

Gardevoir has always been a fan favorite. So, when we found out that there was a competitively viable Gardevoir GX in Burning Shadows we knew it was going to be a big deal. To top it all off, this card is a secret rare! You can expect big money from this card if you pull it, so be on the lookout for it!


Secret Rare Choice Band

An underrated card – many don’t think about it when thinking of valuable cards, but with 4 in many competitive decks this card will be valuable.


Rainbow Rare Charizard GX

Not a super competitive card, but Charizard cards always sell for a high price. With rainbow rare it will probably fetch a very high value and also retain its value better than any other card. Likely to appreciate over time.


Enter the lottery if you pull this card.