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Jaxson Competing Pokemon

Jaxson at a last chance qualifier

The Zephyr Team was lucky enough to meet the Piwek family at a local Pokémon event several years ago. Since meeting, the Piwek’s have helped our team in so many ways. From sharing insight in to the Competitive Pokemon TCG world, to sharing feedback on the latest products and releases to showing us how powerfully Pokemon has positively impacted them as a family we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know them.

This family is one in a million, which is why we’ll be sharing their stories, feedback and advice with our community. Our hope is that their perspective sheds light on the inspiring, motivating and challenging world of Pokémon TCG.

Jaxon + Pokemon

Showing off some Pokemon swag

Jaxson’s Story

Jaxson Piwek, a 12 year old competitive Pokemon player, was volunteering his time (and talent) to help young Pokemon collectors learn how to play the Trading Card Game. It was clear right away that he was, not only incredibly knowledgable – but an absolute gem. He was generous with his time, patient with the children, and totally willing to help introduce all attendees to the world of Pokemon TCG.

It wasn’t until later that we learned about Jaxson’s long list of accolades and achievements. Jaxson was more than just a skilled volunteer, he was on his way to becoming a World Champion.

Jaxson has been playing Pokemon competitively for the past 4 years. Ever since he started playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game in 2013, he’s been hooked! After competing in the 2016 Pokémon World Championships in San Francisco, Jaxson ranked 44th in the world in the Seniors Division (cue applause).

More than just a game

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to compete and earn your invite to the World Championships. When preparing for events, Jaxson trains 3-5 hours a day – 6 days a week.

Jaxson loves travelling and meeting new players from all over the world and is looking forward to the 2017 World Championships. With a proven track record, and a passion for the sport, it’s clear Jaxson’s goal is to one day become the World Champion!

Jaxson + Pokemon

Jaxson’s Acheivements

  • 2013 Pokemon World Championship Junior Division Last Chance Qualifier Contestant
  • Junior Division Vancouver City Champion 2014
  • Junior Division Surrey City Champion 2014
  • Placed 3rd Junior Division 2014 Canadian National Championships
  • Placed 36th Junior Division 2014 Pokemon World Championships Washington DC
  • 2014 Junior Division BC Regional Champion
  • 2014 Junior Division Kirkland WA City Champion
  • 2014 Junior Division Marysville WA City Champion
  • 2015 Junior Division Surrey City Champion
  • Placed 3rd Junior Division 2015 BC Provincial Championships
  • Placed 2nd Junior Division 2015 Washington State Championships
  • 2015 Junior Division Alberta Regional Champion
  • Placed 95th Senior Division 2015 Pokemon World Championships Boston MA
  • Placed 3rd Senior Division Renton City Championships
  • Placed 4th Senior Division Kirkland City Championships
  • Placed 10th Senior Division 2016 Canadian National Championships
  • Placed 4th Senior Division 2016 Seattle Regional Championships
  • Placed 3rd Senior Division 2016 Alberta Regional Championships
  • Placed 44th Senior Division 2016 Pokemon World Championships San Francisco CA

Pokemon Fans

Jaxson in the Press

This was an article written by He was interviewed at the 2014 Washington DC World Championships:

This was a newspaper article written after his 2014 Marysville WA City Championship win:

This was a newspaper article written after his 2015 Alberta Regional Championship win: