The Pokémon Trading Card Game Helps Your Children Develop These Five Crucial Skills

In a world where screens and electronics dominate the majority of our days, it’s nice to know that there are forms of entertainment for children to enjoy that don’t involve a charger. We sat down with Shauna Piwek (you can read her story here) a  PokeMom, and huge supporter of the Trading Card Game.

With years of experience helping her own children grow their collections, learn the game, and compete internationally, it is no doubt that she has gathered some incredible knowledge about the brand, industry and game.

She’s generously shared that knowledge with us in hopes of helping other parents out there. We hope you find this useful! Please feel free to share the post or submit your questions and we will happily answer you as best we can.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Helps Your Children Develop These 5 Crucial Skills

Have we missed anything? We’d love to hear from you, a community of Pokemon Parents, to let us know what other positive impacts the Trading Card Game has had on your children.

Shauna + Jaxson

Shauna and her son, Jaxson Piwek. Read his biography here.