The 37 Online Places to Follow If You’re a Die Hard Pokémon TCG Fan

One of the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s (TCG) best features is its ever changing landscape. Strategies, decks, and cards are always going in and out of favor resulting in a game that’s constantly fresh.


But, because Pokémon TCG is ever changing, it’s important for fans, players, and collectors to always stay learning. Luckily, there are more than plenty of options for keeping tabs on the ever changing meta (most effective tactic available). Here is our list of 39 online places to follow if you’re a Pokémon TCG player or collector:


PokémonTCG Subreddit

Reddit, if you’re not familiar, is an online forum with several sub-forums (called subreddits). It has a pretty large Pokémon TCG presence with a total of 5 subreddits dedicated to the game. This subreddit is the more casual of all 5 with news, discussions of recent pulls, sales info, and more. In addition to discussion, this subreddit (as well as the others on this list) feature resources such as guides and FAQs put together by the community.


PkmnTCG Subreddit

The PkmnTCG Subreddit is meant for more competitive discussions. Unlike the subreddit above, this doesn’t feature pulls or sales info. Instead it’ll feature a look at results of recent tournaments, deck building tips, meta discussions, and more. It’s a great resource to tap into if you’re looking to play Pokémon TCG competitively.


PokémonTCGCollections Subreddit

As the name suggests, this subreddit is fully dedicated to sharing collections. It’s a neat place to follow because you can see some neat and rare cards, share your own collection, and get an idea of what pulls are coming from recent releases.


PKMNTCGTrades Subreddit

This is the Pokémon Subreddit related to buying, selling, and trading Pokémon cards. It’s great for checking values of cards on the second-hand market, as well as scoring a few cards yourself! Though, we do advise you be cautious when selling or buying used cards online. There’s the possibility of being scammed out of your cards/money or picking up a fake. If you do decide to buy, sell, or trade cards online, we recommend reading both this guide to selling cards, and this guide to spotting fakes.

PTCGO Subreddit

If you don’t know what it stands for, PTCGO is an acronym for Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, the card games video game component. This subreddit is specific to the online version, and it’s possible to find code giveaways, discussion of strategies and decks, troubleshooting info and more. It’s a must follow for PTCGO players, and a good one to follow for fans of the physical game only as some of the discussions here don’t make it to the other subreddits.


Primetime Pokémon’s Blog

The Primetime Pokémon’s Blog is a blog with a neat focus. Instead of doing broad overviews of sets or strategies, this blog posts a single card review each day. The review goes in depth with an overview, strategy advice/tips, and a rating. It’s a quick read, but one that’ll help you grow as a deck builder and player!


Pokémon TCG Official Page

We’d be silly not to include the Pokémon TCG Official page. It’s the central hub for the game, features links to almost anything you’d need from local tournament locations to resource, and information on new sets in the card game.


Pokémon TCG Official Online Forums

Did you know that Pokémon TCG has its own official forum? If not, now you know! This is a great place to discuss the game with other members of the community.


Pokémon Official News/Blog

The official Pokémon Blog/News page is probably the most important thing to follow on this list. It’s the first source for official updates to the game including card rotations, new sets, and more.


The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel

The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel may feature a lot of non TCG related videos, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth watching. There’s usually some entertaining videos mixed with official news regarding all things Pokémon that make this channel a must.


Play! Pokémon Rules and Resources

This page may be a bit tricky to find on your own, so we wanted to link to it here to make it easy on you. This is the official rules and resources for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. There are plenty of great links here for players, collectors, parents, and even tournament organizers. Definitely visit this link and check back every now and then to see new events in your area as well as changes to the official rules.


Pokémon TCG Headquarters

This Pokémon Blog has a large focus on card leaks, with the author, GadgetJax, translating the Japanese cards over to english for us and giving info on what’ll likely make it into the game in a future release. If you didn’t know, the japanese cards are always released first, and while not every card receives an english version, most do. This makes this blog a good source of info, but it may not be 100% correct.


Pokémon Blog

Pokémon Blog features a wide range of TCG related blog posts ranging from news, to coverage of tournaments, culture, and cards overviews. It’s great if you’re looking for an overview of the hobby, with the occasional deep dive into a mechanic or strategy.


Six Prizes

Six Prizes has a heavy emphasis on competitive play. There’s a lot of analysis of strategies, cards, and decks on the site, making it a must use resource for competitive players. The site features a blog, forums, and events section, and many of those posting on it are competitive players and their families.


Pro Pokémon

Pro Pokémon is a blog featuring deck and strategy articles. Each blog post discusses one or more decks either pulled straight from competitive matches or thought up by the author themself. They also do deep dives on deck strategy, helping you learn how to use specific Pokémon and more.


60 Cards

60 Cards is another Pokémon TCG Blog which follows and posts tournament results, but also offers expert opinion pieces. It’s a great blog to follow if you want to keep up with the competitive scene as you’ll stay up to date on what pros are using, and even get tips from them every now and then!


The Top Cut

The Top Cut is actually the only site on this list which is no longer actively posting. In the world of Pokémon TCG, an inactive site quickly becomes useless as the meta changes, but The Top Cut is the one exception. The content on this site comes from pro players, and commentators and the owner actually moved on to work for The Pokémon Company. So, even though the strategies may be a bit dated, we think it’s a great site as you can dive in a get to see how their minds work, what they think of and more.

The Top Cut YouTube Channel

The Top Cut YouTube Channel is also, unfortunately, inactive, but it’s worth visiting as well since it’ll feature some live gameplay and commentary as well as some of the same information presented on the website. It’s a great option if you prefer video over written content.


ZapdosTCG YouTube Channel

ZapdosTCG is a YouTube Channel covering the competitive side of Pokémon TCG. Videos include decklists, PTCGO, and news/reviews. The channel’s owner placed 2nd at nationals and has won countless tournaments – so he’s a great person to follow.

Team Fish Knuckles YouTube Channel

Team Fish Knuckles is a unique YouTube channel in that there are many live streams of building, testing, and playing decks at competitive events. Because of this, videos tend to be a longer format ranging for 30 minutes to an hour in most cases.


Virbank City Facebook Group

Facebook groups are often overlooked, but are a great alternative to Reddit and other forums. Virbank City is the biggest, and best Facebook Group for Pokémon lovers featuring tons of posts each day ranging from pulls, to deck builds, strategy discussion, and more.


Virbank City U.S. PokéMart

Virbank city U.S. Pokémart is the facebook group’s buying, selling, and trading subgroup. By following this group, you’ve got the chance at scoring great second hand cards, selling some of your collection, and making trades. It’s also a good option for researching card values.


Virbank City International PokéMart

Same as the U.S. Pokémart, but for international users.



eBay is a secret tool we use in our arsenal to check used card prices. With eBay, you can search only sold listings, and find out pretty quickly what cards are going for. It’s probably the best way to check prices at the moment – which makes it a must for TCG lovers.



PokeBeach is a news site and forum which is one of our favorite sources for Pokémon TCG leaks. The content in the news section is almost always spot on, and is a great site to follow for collectors and players alike.

PokeGym Forum

The PokeGym forum is a Pokémon forum with a large section dedicated to the trading card game. It’s less active than other forums on this list, but still a great place to check out as the many posts containing strategy, deck help, rules, and more can be a big help to players.


Derium’s Competitive Pokémon YouTube Channel

An offshoot of Derium’s Pokémon channel (which focuses on monster sized card openings), this channel features the same cast – but focuses on deck techs, gameplay videos, player interviews, event coverage and more.


HBombPlays YouTube Channel

Featuring card openings and PTCGO gameplay, HBombPlays takes a longer approach to videos. Most cover a single deck and gameplay with said deck, making it a great watch for seeing how different decks play in the online game.


Leonhart YouTube Channel

Leonhart pretty much only does card openings now a days, but they can be pretty entertaining and he regularly does card giveaways. Plus, watching card openings is a good way to see what kind of pulls you can expect from different products.


The Pokémon Evolutionaries YouTube Channel

The Pokémon Evolutionaries channel features a mix of card openings, deck techs, and a unique series called Battle Frontier Friday. In it, they battle the decks which they discuss on deck tech thursdays, and see which is best.


DarkIntegralGaming YouTube Channel

This channel, by Donald Phan, features budget deck builds, expansion reviews, guides, and more. There’s a strong focus on the online game, but as you already know, it’s the same as the physical card game.


Nicholena Moon YouTube Channel

This is a smaller channel featuring both hearthstone and Pokémon TCG content. A great option if you’re a fan of both, or if you want to watch a smaller channel’s content vs some of the big guys. The channel’s Pokémon TCG related videos are a mix of meta discussion


Ptcgradio YouTube Channel

This channel has a few unique draws. For one, it’s one of the few to do Pokémon TCG history videos. It also features in depth looks at new and old cards available for use within the game, deck builds, and card openings. A good all around channel for PokémonTCG lovers.


Tolarian Community College YouTube Channel

Tolarian Community College has a strong emphasis on Magic The Gathering, but there are a few videos on Pokémon TCG which are informative for everyone from beginners to pros. Most notably, the channel features an “Is it worth it” series which reviews, unboxes and answers the question “is it worth it?” for Pokémon TCG products.

Balthazar’s Pkmns YouTube Channel

Don’t let the fact that this channel is the last YouTube Channel on the list deter you from following. It features nothing championship matches with both the European and North American matches covered. It’s a great way to look at how the pros play and get a feel for the meta at each year’s tournaments.



Bulbapedia is the wikipedia specifically for Pokémon. It is a great resource to keep in mind as it includes lists of all cards in a set, lists of the current sets allowed in both Expanded Format and Standard Format, and more. There’s a ton of info on the card game here, too much to cover, but just know that you can likely find the answer to a question on Bulbapedia.


Bonus: Our Very Own Zephyr Epic Blog!

The Zephyr Epic blog features a mix of content covering hockey card collecting, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon TCG. We’ve been playing since the early days, and feature a few posts with interviews of competitive players, reviews of new sets, speculation on upcoming sets, and more. So be sure to give us a follow as well as the other great sites and channels on this list!