Supercharge Your Gameplay with Lost Thunder

Right now, as we speak, pre-releases all over the world are happening for Pokémons next set, which is soon to hit the shelves, Lost Thunder!

As many players unwrap their prerelease kits, constructing what will be the first of many thunder focused decks to come, others eagerly await November 2nd in anticipation of their pre-orders arriving in the mail.

Whether this is the ever popular elite trainer box, the staple booster box, theme deck or simply some blister packs, Zephyr Epic has you covered and it is not too late to get your orders in, as they begin shipping out next week!

But if you are like many others out there, and are wondering about what product is best for you, or which best fits your budget, then we are here today to help, as we delve into your options and explain what each product contains within it.

The Lost Thunder Booster Box

The bread and butter of any mainstay Pokémon set is the booster box.

Hands down, this is the go to product for many competitive players and collectors alike, as it is often the “best bang” for your buck if you are wishing to get as many of the new sets cards as possible, in one go.

Sun and Moon Lost Thunder

Contained within each booster box are thirty six sealed booster packs, all of which contain ten cards per pack from the set it features, which in this case is Lost Thunder.

Along with these ten cards, you will receive one online code card, which can be redeemed in game, via the Pokémon Online game client.

These online codes will give you a digital booster pack, which can be opened, or traded for the cards you want / need within the game.

Others, who don’t play the online game, simply choose to trade or sell their code cards, recouping some of their money spent, allowing them to purchase even more physical cards to complete their sets!

Lost Thunder’s Elite Trainer Box

Your next option, if you are looking for a little more variety than simply busting a mass amount of booster packs, but still want to get a taste of it, are the Lost Thunder Elite Trainer Boxes.

These are a much more affordable option than buying a booster box. Yet, still offer a ton of value, which come in the form of the extra goodies that they offer.

Sun and Moon Lost Thunder

First off, they come with eight booster packs, meaning that you will still receive a total of eighty cards from the Lost Thunder set, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Next, unlike the booster boxes, which focus on pure pack value, the Elite Trainer Box comes loaded with gameplay items that will help you delve straight into the action. Which includes the following;

  • 65 Lost Thunder exclusive card sleeves featuring Zeraora.
  • 45 energy cards to help you build your Lost Thunder themed deck.
  • A Lost Thunder players guide / set checklist.
  • 6 Damage Counter Dice.
  • 1 Competition legal coin flip die.
  • 1 GX marker.
  • 2 poison / burn damage markers.
  • A Lost Thunder collectors box for your cards.
  • 4 card dividers.
  • An online code card for Pokémon Online, unlocking your digital Elite Trainer Box.


As you can see, along with the eight booster packs that you receive, you are getting a massive amount of items along with each Lost Thunder Elite Trainer Box, some of which are vital to any player just starting out in the Pokémon trading card game world.


The Lost Thunder 3 Booster Blister Pack

Perhaps you are just looking for a small sample of what the Lost Thunder set has to offer? Well we’ve got the product for you, the Lost Thunder 3 booster blister pack is a great way to get into the set, at a low cost.


With two options to choose from, these 3 booster blister packs feature two exclusive alternate art promo cards.

In one blister pack, you will receive an exclusive alternate art Alolan Exeggutor, with the move Tropical Shake.

In the second, you will receive an alternate art Altaria, with the Fight Song ability, and of which was a feature card in one of our latest deck reviews from the Dragon Majesty set.

In addition to this, you will receive one Ho-Oh limited edition coin in each blister pack.

Both of these cards, with this unique artwork will not be available anywhere else and can only be found in these 3 booster blister packs.

Lost Thunder Raikou & Entei Theme Decks

Finally, this brings us to the last product that we need to highlight today, the Lost Thunder Theme Decks.

These products are a fan favorite amongst many players within the Pokémon TCG community, for a number of reasons.


Even though these decks are not the most powerful, they always come with some of the sets latest staple trainer cards, which are highly sought after by all players.

In addition to this, they are great for new players who are just starting out in the Pokémon TCG arena, allowing them to get their feet wet and have a deck in which they can expand upon and improve as they continue to add cards to their collection.

Lastly, these decks are used in the “theme deck only” format.

An intensely followed format, in which players are only allowed to battle each other with other official Pokemon theme decks, which leads to some hilarious and enjoyable “low power” gameplay action.

In Conclusion

Lost Thunder is a massive set, containing a whopping 235 marvelous cards, but each and everyone of these products mentioned in this article will help you reach that goal.

No matter your needs, no matter your interest, Pokémons latest hit set, Lost Thunder has a product for you, and Zephyr Epic has them available, just a click of the mouse away.

But which one is for you? Which product will help you achieve your goals? No matter how big or small they may be, we’d love to know.