Pokémon TCG for Adults: How to Find People to Play With

Playing Pokemon TCG as an Adult

Accurate representation of an adult playing Pokémon TCG. Photo Cred / Tristan Bowersox

Those outside our community are often surprised to find that many Pokémon TCG players are adults. Adults may get into the game for any number of reasons including having played it themselves when younger, wanting to play alongside their children and more. Once playing they all stay for the same great reasons:

  • It’s just plain fun!
  • The community is always great.
  • It can be both competitive and relaxing.
  • There is a surprisingly deep level of strategy.
  • And more.

One common issue that adult players may face however is the inability to find other adult players in their area. This issue is more common in smaller cities, but with the following tips, you’ll be able to find others to play and trade with:

Join a Pokémon League!

Pokémon League events are a great way to find other players of all experience levels and ages. It’s quite easy to find an event near you with Pokémon’s own Event Locator. All you need to do is enter your country, zip code, and city and you’ll be able to find whether there are any league events nearby.

If there are, you’ll get the contact info and schedule as seen below:

How to find Pokemon TCG Events

Unfortunately, events aren’t always close enough. If that’s the case, check to see if there is a local hobby or game store in the area. If there is, you can contact them about hosting a Pokémon League. You can also apply to become a League Leader yourself by clicking here.

Start a Game Night with Friends and Introduce Them to Pokémon TCG

One way to find others to play with is to simply invite your friends to a game night. Game nights are a fun alternative to going out, and it makes for a great opportunity to introduce your friends to Pokémon TCG (along with other card and board games)!

The only downside to this is that you’ll likely have to purchase extra decks to loan to your friends at first. Still Pokémon TCG is quite cheap and you can pick up several theme decks to loan to friends for less than the cost of some board games out there!

Play Online

If all else fails, you can always play Pokémon TCG Online. It’s not as social as playing in person, but the matches go by faster making it great fun. Plus, you can play without spending a dime! It’s also got an AFK trading system that makes finding the cards you want easy as pie.

We’ve written a couple times on Pokémon TCG Online including an honest review and a look at 5 things it does to be so fun.