Pokémon’s Newest “Tag Team” GX Cards Explained

Last month we revealed some of the most exciting facts that were then known about Pokémon’s soon to be released set “Team Up”.

Well, the day has finally come and the curtain has been pulled back as customers begin to receive their highly anticipated products, cracking open their booster packs and hoping to score the Pokémon of their choice.

As you do so, you will be treated to a beautiful set containing 181 base cards and an additional 15 secret rares, making a grand total of 196 cards.

Tag Team - Team Up

However, today’s focus is not on the set as a whole, but rather the brand new card type that we are seeing for the first time ever…

The All New Tag Team GX Cards

With the launch of Pokémon’s Sun & Moon ninth expansion set, we now find ourselves in a new era for both collectors and players of the game alike.

This is the dawn of the Tag Team GX Pokémon, a card type that could potentially change the way that the game is played forever.

This set includes a vast assortment of coveted cards, but more than anything else, people are eager to get their hands on the new Tag Team GX cards, which are both cosmetically pleasing and overwhelmingly powerful.

If you are looking to collect all of these highly sought after pieces, either to build exciting brand new decks, or to add to your collections, the full list of available Tag Team GX cards included in the Team Up set are as follows;

  • Evee & Snorlax GX
  • Latias & Latios GX
  • Pikachu & Zekrom GX
  • Gengar & Mimikyu GX
  • Celebi & Venusaur GX
  • Magikarp & Wailord GX

Pokemon Team-Up

These six Tag Team GX Pokémon cards come in their standard form, as shown above, as well as their more rare “Full Art Ultra Rare” and Secret Rare forms, giving collectors of all types a rarity to chase after, that best suits their personal budget.

How Do Tag Team GX Pokémon Cards Work?

Although you may be excited to obtain these cards, you may also be scratching your head wondering how the mechanics behind these cards work? What makes them different from regular GX Pokémon?

First off is their power levels, which as you can see, have once again raised the bar, a trend that the creators of the Pokémon TCG have constantly pushed higher with each and every passing year of the games long and rich history.

Tag Team GX Pokémon, for now, are all basic type GX cards, meaning that you do not need to evolve them before putting them on the play field.

These Pokémon all have exceptionally high HP and would be considered “tanks” by many players standards.

For example, look at Evee & Snorlax GX who have 270 HP, or Magikarp & Wailord GX who have a whopping 300 HP!

In addition to this, they feature immensely powerful normal and GX attacks. The latter of which, fortunately for your opponents sake can only be used once per match.

With some damage boosting tool cards, many of these Tag Team GX Pokémon can easily be hitting for 250 + damage in a single round, knocking out just about any other Pokémon in the format.

However, we must now discuss an incredibly important drawback that comes with using these insanely powerful Tag Team GX Pokémon.

If your Tag Team GX Pokémon is unfortunately overcome in battle, whether by going against multiple foes who have whittled them down, or by simply another powerful GX Pokémon, then your opponent will then draw THREE prize cards, rather than the normal two cards that are granted from knocking out a normal GX Pokémon.


We are incredibly excited to see how players adapt to this new type of card, and to bear witness to the exciting decks that are going to shape around these powerful cards.

The Tag Team GX Pokémon are beastly cards that can carve a path to victory through your opponents ranks. However, as we have pointed out, they come at a cost, so use them wisely.

Tag Team Cards

Either way, we are sure that this set and the new Tag Team GX Pokémon cards are going to be a resounding success, that will be highly desired by both players and collectors of the hobby.

Which Tag Team GX Pokémon are you most excited to have in your collection? Let us know and thanks for reading!