Full Art Supporter Cards The Latest Pokémon Craze

It is no secret that the Pokémon TCG is red-hot right now. As demand grows, prices on the secondary market continue to climb higher and higher.

In the past, collectors were interested in the older Pokémon cards, such as those created back during the initial Wizards of the Coast era before Nintendo took back the rights to create and manufacture Pokémon cards themselves.

But things have changed and now even modern era cards are jumping higher in price.


A New Target

Full Art Supporter Cards The Latest Pokémon Craze

It is clear that the Pokémon TCG is no longer “just for kids,” as card collectors in the past have said about the hobby. Big money is moving into this hobby and in a major way, leading to a huge surge in prices for any cards seen as rare or valuable. Even recent products are hard to find in stores, with some buyers gobbling up everything they can acquire to resell on the secondary market at higher prices. In-demand singles are being acquired by the bucket-load, sent off to grading companies (such as PSA or BGS) to be re-sold at steeply higher prices.

Full Art Supporter cards are the latest target. Some of the most beautiful and unique cards in the hobby, Full Art Supporter cards (also known as Ultra Rare Trainer cards) for years had been included in various Pokémon sets for years. In the past, Supporter cards were desired for how useful they were in games. The aftermarket prices reflected that strongly, with popular cards such as Trainer N, Guzma, and Cynthia commanding a higher price due to their playability. Besides these rare exceptions, however, even Full Art Supporter cards were not considered as valuable as other types of Pokémon cards.

Times have changed. As the Pokémon TCG continues its incredible rise in popularity, cards that were not previously considered particularly high-value are now being hunted by rabid collectors looking for anything rare to add to their collection. Full Art Supporters that until recently could be acquired for only $4-5 dollars each are now experiencing a surge in price, with many moving rapidly past the $20 mark, quadrupling in price in a span of only a few short weeks.


Higher Demand Leads To Higher Value (And Bigger Challenges)

Full Art Supporter Cards The Latest Pokémon Craze

For the average collector who has been acquiring cards incrementally for years, this means that your collection has potentially increased significantly in value over the last few months. If you have no intention of ever selling, then you can sit back and enjoy the satisfaction that a lot of people want some of your cards! But if your are thinking about selling a few extra cards from your collection, right now is a great time to see what the market is like, especially if you have some Full Art Supporter cards. At the very least, it’s great to know that so many people are now interested in the hobby!

The nice thing about the increased demand for all sorts of Pokémon cards means that when you crack open a pack, you have an even better chance of finding something valuable. On the flip side, the high demand has made it incredibly difficult to find sealed Pokémon products at fair prices. We do our best at Zephyr Epic to offer low prices for everyone and to make ordering new products as fair as possible. It’s not easy in this climate, but rest assured we’re working hard to make sure everyone gets a chance to get their hands on all the exciting new products Pokémon has in store for us.


In Conclusion

Full Art Supporter Cards The Latest Pokémon Craze

Full Art Supporter cards were always a bit under-appreciated by Pokémon card collectors, so it’s nice to finally see them have their time in the spotlight. Their cool designs and playability make them a great type of card to collect for those who enjoy playing the game and for those who just want to build a collection of rare cards. 

As demand for Full Art Supporter cards continues to rise, one wonders if we’ll see demand for Full Art Item cards also start to increase. Collectors are always looking for new treasure to find and maybe this is where they’ll go once they’re done with Full Art Supporter cards! Be sure to find some of your own in our wide range of Pokémon TCG products.

Which type of Pokémon cards do you think collectors will hunt for next? Let us know in the comments, and as always, thanks for reading!