Are the Pokémon Video Games Moving to the Switch?

Are the Pokémon Video Games Moving to the Switch?

Pokemon on the switch


Rumors have been circulating quite a bit, and while we don’t normally cover the Pokémon video games on this blog we felt this time an exception was warranted.


The main line of Pokémon video games could be moving to the switch, and if rumors are to be believed it could have a widespread implication on the whole Pokémon ecosystem!


First, a little history

For decades now the main Pokémon games have been developed for and released only on Nintendo’s handheld gaming devices. (The gameboys of old to the Nintendo 3DS XL.)


Other games were made that were released on other platforms but the main line always stuck to Nintendo’s handheld devices.


With the switch, Nintendo is blurring the lines between console and handheld, and it’s led many to believe Nintendo will begin phasing out its mobile devices in favor of one unified console/mobile hybrid.


Now, leaks from one of the game’s translators suggest the next major Pokémon game will be released on the switch.


Why this is a big deal

Fans of Pokémon will know that the main games are what pushes the Pokémon universe forward. They introduce mechanics which make their way into the TCG, set the state for the new region in the anime, and more.


Moving the game to the switch introduces the possibility of several new features, some of which could cause big changes in the entire Pokémon universe.


The leaks

First and foremost, analysis of the Pokemon Company’s financial reports suggest a Q4 2018 launch. This could see us having the game in time for the holiday season, but we can’t be sure.


The game is rumored to have been in development for 5 years now, so there must be some major content within. A few leaks have hinted at new mechanics, the possibility of traveling to at least one other region, and more.


The most relevant leak to fans of the TCG is the addition of a new mechanic called “Turbo”. According to a translator who’s worked on the script the turbo mechanic has the effect of boosting weaker Pokémon’s performance. The specifics aren’t clear, but Pokémon has been playing around with new mechanics with each of the last games, so this is something to keep an eye out for!


Maybe we’ll see the inclusion of Turbo pokemon, or some sort of item which is geared towards boosting the performance of weaker pokemon cards!


What do you think?

If Pokemon were to include a Turbo mechanic in the new game, how do you think that would affect the TCG? We’d love to hear your ideas for Turbo Pokemon or item cards in the comments below!