3 Epic Hockey Card Collection Ideas You Never Thought About

Everyone’s hockey card collection is unique, but some are more out of the box than others! In this list we take a look at 3 of the more unique hockey card collection ideas out there:

1. why settle for a piece, when you can have the whole pie?


Logo patch cards are always awesome, but Josh L. decided a piece of the pie wasn’t going to cut it. He didn’t stop until he had a set of 6 matching cards, which when placed side by side complete the chest logo perfectly! He even added a 7th card which features a miniature full logo for good measure.


This is an epic idea for a hockey card collection. It’ll take some searching and dedication to find the cards, but once you’ve got the matching set, it’s so worth it.


We can’t imagine how unbearable the anticipation was when Josh was waiting for that last card to complete the set!


2. collect the best of the worst!

Collecting bad hockey cards

Another unique idea for a hockey card collection/set is to find and collect the worst hockey card photos out there! The Randy Cunneyworth above is a great example, with his headshot placed no what looks like a cartoon hockey player’s body!


There are countless hockey cards released every year, not all of which contain flattering photos of the players pictured! For a unique and fun collection, you could dedicate one set of cards to being the worst hockey card photos!


You and everyone who sees the set will undoubtedly laugh at the many ridiculous gems within! Take a look at Bleacher Report’s 20 Worst Hockey Card Photos Ever for a few starter ideas.


3. A bloody good collection

Collecting hockey cards with blood stained jerseys

Hockey fights can be exciting, intense, funny (have you heard the mic’d up fights on YouTube?), and at times, bloody. Real punches get thrown out there, and while most fights end with players walking away relatively unscathed, a few do end with blood spilled.


And that is exactly the story of the Patrick Roy jersey auto above, complete with blood stains speculated to be from his fight with Osgood.


Collecting jersey cards which contain a cut of blood stained jersey can result in quite the unique set, especially if you manage to pair them with cards from the player (or players) whom they’ve fought!


Have your own weird, but awesome collection?

Let us know! We love to see the cards that our fans and customers collect, and may even feature your collection in a future post.