Five Details Pokémon TCG Online Got Right

Countless players agree that Pokémon TCG Online is an awesome way to play the Pokémon card game. It leaves little to be desired, and that can’t be said about all video game adaptations of trading card games.


Sure there may be the occasional technical glitch or unsupported platform, but this we’re not going to focus on that and will instead take a look at the features that make Pokémon TCG Online such a blast to play.


1) Daily Rewards and Rewards Ladder

Pokémon TCG Online offers several ways to earn free rewards in game. The first and easiest way is to simply log in! You’ll get a reward every day you log in to the game. No battles required, simply log in and collect your reward. The rewards get progressively larger too if you log in for several days in a row.


Pokémon TCG Online also offers a great rewards ladder which includes prizes such as:

  • Coins
  • Cards
  • Booster packs
  • Tournament tickets
  • And more

You can get these rewards for free by simply playing and winning an online match!


The incentive these rewards provide helps to make the community more active and more competitive, creating an all around better experience for players. It also allows players to build new, powerful decks without spending a dime.


2) An Excellent Trading System

Pokémon TCG Online includes a wonderful trading system that is easy to use, offers all the necessary features and allows AFK trading. It allows players to trade booster packs, tournament tickets, and cards by simply creating a listing with what they have and what they want.


Once a trade offer is made, a player simply has to wait. They can log off and go about their lives. If another player accepts the trade, they’ll find the cards they wanted waiting for them when they log back in!


It’s an awesome system that allows players to easily trade for the cards and decks they really want.


3) All New Players are Given Starter Decks and Cards

Another great thing about Pokémon TCG Online is how easy it is for new players to get started. It provides each new player with everything they need to hop into a multiplayer match and be (somewhat) competitive.


This makes it the perfect trading card game for younger children as they can easily get started without spending money.

Pokemon TCG Online Codes

4) Codes in All Physical Trading Card Game Products

Every time you buy a Pokémon TCG product, you’ll get a code to use it in the online game. This is a very important feature of Pokémon TCG Online, that makes the entire card collecting and playing experience that much better.


Even though Pokémon TCG Online gives you plenty of ways to earn a new deck, many players still like to purchase theme decks, trainer boxes, and booster packs. By linking the two words (digital and physical) Pokémon TCG Online has even more ways to acquire new cards, and ensures that players will keep playing both versions of the game (digital and physical).


5) A Tutorial That’s Amazing

One of Pokémon TCG Online’s best features is its friendliness towards new players. The game goes out of its way to provide a wonderful experience for players, even if they’ve never heard of a trading card game before.


The game starts all players off in an easy to follow tutorial that teaches them all the basics in 10-15 minutes. It’s simple enough to be understood by young children and the game even has a system in place that allows players to go against computers in order to train more and learn the advanced aspects of the game before going on to playing vs real people.


Between the great tutorial, the plenty of ways to earn cards, and the great starter equipment, Pokémon TCG Online is one of the best card games for children and first time trading card game players period.