Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm Booster Box



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Product Description

The time has arrived! 2021 receives its Legendary Duelists set with Legendary Duelists: Syncrho Storm! With focus on Yugo, Sherry LeBlanc and Lulu Lyrilusc you can find support for existing archetypes like Speedroids and more! Plus now you can pump up the field with monsters such as Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon!

Due to high demand there is a limit of 3 Booster Boxes per customer, total.  This is to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to purchase, if attempts are made to purchase more that the per-customer limit, additional orders may be subject to cancellation and refund. Thank you!

Set Breakdown:

Booster Box contains 36 5-Card Packs

56 Card Set:

  • 1 Ghost Rare
  • 9 Ultra Rares
  • 8 Super Rares
  • 10 Rares
  • 29 Commons