Will Pokemon Quest Be the Mobile Pokemon Game That Gets You Hooked?

Pokemon themed games on iOS and Android are nothing new, but you wouldn’t be alone if they’ve never held your interest. Games like Pokemon Go invoke nostalgia, but until now, there hasn’t been a true, GAME FREAK Inc. produced, Pokemon game for mobile.

That all changes with Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest on Mobile

Pokemon Quest and the Customizable Home Base behind it (More on that later!)

Originally on the Switch

If Pokemon Quest sounds familiar, that’s because it originally appeared on the Switch. It launched back in May and has since been ported for use on iOS and Android.

Rather than the traditional game, the art style is more blocky, and features a unique style of gameplay.

You still collect a team of Pokemon and level them up, but instead of facing other trainers, you’ll be taking a team of 3 Pokemon on a quest to explore Tumblecube Island.

As your Pokemon explore, you’ll be able to collect loot and control their attacks in battle.

Pokemon Quest on Mobile

Pokemon battles work a bit differently in Pokemon Quest

Simple but fun

The game itself is both simple in premise and in play, which makes it great for younger audiences. But, don’t like the quirky aesthetic and simple nature of the game fool you! It’s tons of fun for all audiences, young or old.

Many of the elements which make the core Pokemon games so fun are present, albeit with slight alterations. Take the following features for example:

  • Pokemon evolve by earning experience and leveling up.
  • Pokemon can be trained to increase their level and strength.
  • You’re able to teach Pokemon new moves for use in battle.

But, the game also has its own unique features such as:

  • A customizable home base.
  • Power stones that augment your Pokemon
  • Pokemon that move on their own

Pokemon Quest on Mobile

Tumblecube Island, the location for this Pokemon Game, in which everything is a cube.

Oh, it’s free too

Perhaps best of all, the game’s totally free to play. Most people we’ve heard talk about it didn’t feel like it was plagued with micro-transactions or the pay to win issues that commonly affect mobile games.

So, it’s free, it’s Pokemon, and its a true RPG game similar to the originals. This gives it all the makings of a great game! Check it out by visiting the Google Play Store or the App Store and see for yourself.

Let us know what you think

Have you played the game on your phone or the Switch? If so, throw your .02 down in the comments below! We’d love to hear what your experience playing the game has been.