Understanding the Upper Deck Bounty Program

This year, Upper Deck continues its Bounty Program, offering some amazing new hockey cards to collectors who complete the required sets. The Bounty Program is an added bonus for completionists who want to get every card (no easy feat). Reward cards are challenging to earn, which gives them higher values on the secondary market. This makes the Bounty Program an exciting challenge for dedicated collectors!

How does the Bounty program work?

First, decide on an Upper Deck release that is part of the Bounty Program. Participating sets include Synergy, Artifacts, and SP Authentic. You can double check that they are included in the Bounty Program by looking over the hobby box before you buy it. It should feature the Bounty Program logo somewhere on the box. 


Note the Upper Deck Bounty logo on the SP Authentic box.

Within each series, you’re trying to find a specific set of special Bounty cards to collect for the program. For example, with SP Authentic, you’re looking for Spectrum FX cards. On the back of every Bounty program card, you’ll find a special scratch-off code that can be redeemed online at UpperDeckBounty.com


Note the scratch-off part of the card. This reveals the code that you redeem on Upper Deck’s website.

Once you redeem the codes for a complete set, Upper Deck offers an exclusive reward card that you can’t find anywhere else! Every set has its own reward card, so if you’re in the hunt for rare cards, you’ll definitely want to collect them all.


Bounty Cards in Upper Deck 2018-19 SP Authentic

A Spectrum FX card, one of ninety-nine you’ll need to collect. Image via Beckett.

To get a reward card for the 2018-19 SP Authentic set, a complete set of the Spectrum FX cards are required. There are ninety-nine cards in total and the reward for collecting them all is the exclusive #100 Elias Pettersson Spectrum FX card to fully complete the set. The Pettersson card alone now sells for as much as $115!

What’s more, the first fifty collectors to complete the set and report to Upper Deck also received an exclusive set of gold parallels of all one hundred Spectrum FX cards. The gold parallel of the #100 Pettersson card can fetch up to $180 on the secondary market.

Bounty Cards in 2019-20 Upper Deck Synergy

One of a hundred red parallels. Image via Beckett.


In the 2019-20 Synergy Bounty Program, there are one hundred red parallels of the Synergy base set to collect. Redeem those and you’ll get the special Cast for Greatness #36 card that you can’t get anywhere else! Elias Pettersson was featured on last year’s Synergy reward card, which is now sold for as much as $130.

Not only that, but the first ten collectors to redeem their Bounty cards will also receive gold parallels of the entire “Cast for Greatness” set!

Bounty Program for 2019-20 Upper Deck Artifacts


One of forty-eight Aurum cards. Image via Beckett.


To complete the 2019-20 Artifacts Bounty Program, collectors will need to find Aurum cards, which are special inserts in the Artifacts series. Counting as a box hit, the main Aurum cards average 1:20 packs, while the short print Holdover Rookie cards average 1:320, Veteran All-Stars 1:640, and Legends 1:640. Redeem all forty-eight Aurum cards and Upper Deck will give you not one, but two exclusive Aurum cards (#49 and #50) to fully complete your set! Last year’s Artifacts reward cards, Andrei Svechnikov (#49) and Rasmus Dahlin (#50), both reach sale prices as high as $65 each.

If you are one of the first twenty-five collectors to redeem your completed Aurum set, you’ll not only get the two exclusive cards, but you will also get a special nine-card 2005-06 retro set, as well as an Auston Matthews autograph card.

The prized Auston Matthews reward card. Image via Beckett.


In Conclusion

Upper Deck’s Bounty program is an exciting and fun way to get some very exclusive cards. It rewards not only the dedication of true hockey card fans, but also their eagerness and passion. Only a handfull of collectors get to be first to claim these exclusive cards, like the Auston Matthews Aurum Signatures and the Elias Pettersson Cast for Greatness cards. If you want to get your hands on some of these amazing cards, keep on the lookout for SP Authentic, Synergy, and Artifacts boxes today! 

Have you ever participated in the Bounty program? Is there a reward card you’re gunning for? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment in a section below!