Three Incredibly Powerful Pokémon Contained Within the Tag Team Collector’s Tins

Today is the day!

One of the most highly anticipated products set to be released in the latest Pokémon set, “Sun & Moon Team Up” is finally here and heading out to customers who pre-ordered as we speak.

We of course are talking about the Pokémon Tag Team Collector’s Tins, of which feature some of the most highly collectible alternative variant arts of the set.

Tag Team Collector's Tins

But what do these tins contain? Which Pokémon are locked inside these collector’s tins and were they really worth the wait?

Let’s find out.


The Tag Team GX Cards Contained Within the Collector’s Tins

The first and foremost item contained within the recently released Tag Team Collectors Tins are the three Tag Team GX Pokémon, of which, depending on the tin you purchased contain one of the following powerful GX Pokémon;

  • Pikachu & Zekrom GX SM168
  • Eevee & Snorlax GX SM169
  • Celebi & Venusaur GX SM167

All three of these Pokémon are currently relevant in both the standard and expanded META formats and are included in some of the most powerful decks that we currently see reach the tournament level.

Pikachu & Zekrom GX in particular has been shaking up the expanded format, becoming a card that is both powerful and difficult to deal with.

Tag Team Collector's Tins

In addition to these cards power levels, is the fact that they feature some amazing alternative artwork by three incredibly talented artist, Kawayoo, Tomokazu Komiya and Shin Nagasawa, making them highly sought after by collectors.

This alone makes for an incredible start to the product, especially considering the price tag that these Pokémon cards are currently going for on the secondary singles market, one of which is above the $20.00 CAD mark!

Yet, it doesn’t end here, many more goodies are included with each and every one of these products.

What Booster Packs Are Included in the Tag Team GX Collector’s Tin?

Often we will hear people asking exactly what booster packs you will receive in a certain product, and unless this is well documented, it is anyone’s guess.

However, after opening a number of these tins ourselves, we can tell you exactly which booster packs are included in the Tag Team GX Collector’s Tins;

X2 Sun & Moon Team Up Booster Packs

X1 Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Booster Pack

X1 XY Evolutions Booster Pack

As you can see, in each tin you will received four booster packs, two of which are from the most recent Pokémon TCG set, “Team Up”, which contains some of the most highly sought after and relevant cards in the current format.

The other two booster packs, one of which is “Forbidden Light” and other of which is “Evolutions” are also high quality booster packs, that contain some amazing cards.

The Sun & Moon Forbidden Light booster pack contains some great cards such as Ultra Necrozma GX, Greninja GX and Beast Rings, just to name a few.

The XY Evolutions booster pack is a nostalgia trip for generation 1 Pokémon fans, especially those who are fans of the original three, such as Blastoise, Charizard and Venusaur, all of which feature multiple variations within the set.

The Tag Team GX Limited Edition Metal Marker

In all honesty, this item above all others is going to make this product last the test of time and make it highly sought after for years to come.

Included within this product is an item that at first glance may go overlooked, but if the history of the hobby has taught us anything, its that collectors absolutely love official metal markers and coins.

Tag Team Collector's Tin

(Tag Team GX Metal Marker – Face)

Tag Team Collector's Tin

(Tag Team GX Metal Marker – Back)

When we say this marker is metal, we mean it. It is hefty and solid and screams quality, featuring a stunning shine and lustre, similar to that seen on the Pokémon TCG collectors pins.

Tag Team Collector's Tin

This product is surely to be in demand by both players and collectors moving forward into the future, similar to how the Pikachu solid metal coin (seen above) from the XY Premium Trainer’s Collection is sought after to this very day.

In Conclusion

To answer the question posed in the opening of this article, were the Tag Team Collector’s Tins worth the wait? Heck yes!

They contain three insanely relevant, collectible and powerful Tag Team GX Pokémon that are currently defining the format.

They contain four quality booster packs, three of which are still in the standard rotation and they contain an accessory product that is sure to be sought after for years to come, the Tag Team GX metal marker.

Lastly, each and every tin comes with an online code, that will get you your digital versions of the Pokémon contained within your tin!

But enough of what we think, what do you think? Are you as hyped as us to finally have this value packed product? Which Pokémon Tag Team GX is your favorite?

Let us know, we’d love to hear and thanks for reading!