The Power of Dragon Majesty, Altaria GX Unleashed

We’ve explored Pokémon’s latest hit expansion set Dragon Majesty, we’ve broken it down and showcased some of the latest and greatest cards that you can expect to receive when openings its product line and now, as promised, we are going to showcase a top tier deck, consisting of primarily cards from the Dragon Majesty collection.

So buckle up, hold onto your seats and get ready to take flight through one of Dragon Majesty’s hottest and most competitive decks.

A Vast Array of Power

Although a small set, as is typical for all of Pokémon’s exclusive, limited edition expansion sets, Dragon Majesty none the less packs a tremendous amount of power within its product line, showcasing some of the most popular dragon type Pokemon that this franchise has ever seen.

When first exploring this set, you will undoubtedly be drawn to Dragonite GX, a Pokémon that contains a whopping 250 HP and packs a powerful punch, or perhaps your eye will catch Salamence GX with its unique ability, that allows your non-GX Pokémon to retreat for free, or maybe even Kingdra GX, who takes a miniscule amount of energy to get going, but becomes increasingly stronger the more you add.

The Power of Dragon Majesty, Altaria GX Unleashed

All of these would be good choices and all of these Pokémon, plus many others contained with this set, are great catches, if you are lucky enough to pull them from one of Dragon Majesty’s latest products, whether it be from the Dragon Majesty Elite Trainer Box, the Dragon Majesty Pin Collection or one of the many others that are soon to hit shelves, such as the highly anticipated Dragon Majesty Super-Premium Collection.

However, when highlighting and exploring a deck, less is more and to get true value out of this piece, we are going to focus in on one of Dragon Majesty’s most played and beloved decks, which has seen tried and true results.

Altaria GX Deck

A loveable and down right adorable legendary dragon Pokémon, Altaria GX is a Dragon / Flying type within the main Pokemon series, however, as is typical in the Pokémon TCG, Altaria has been classed a pure dragon type Pokemon, as flying is not a dedicated type in the trading card game.

The Power of Dragon Majesty, Altaria GX Unleashed

But don’t for a second let this Pokémon’s innocent looks fool you, Altaria GX is a powerhouse when compiled with the right combination of cards, of which we are going to break down and showcase for you, hopefully allowing you to take the win in your next battle.

Consisting of twelve Pokémon cards, thirty-eight trainer cards and ten energy cards, the Altaria GX deck list goes as follows;

Dragon Majesty Chart

(For ease of discovery, set names and card numbers are shown next to cards that are exclusive to certain sets. However, most trainer and energy cards can be found in a variety of sets.)

The Power of Dragon Majesty, Altaria GX Unleashed

Of course, Altaria GX is the main attacker of this deck, with its Bright Tone attack, that does 50 base damage, and blocks your opponent’s GX, or EX Pokémon from retaliating, therefore allowing this attack to both act as an offensive and defensive move.

Its next attack, which is Sonic Edge does an impressive 110 base damage, and ignores any effects that are on your opponents Pokémon. This means that any damage reducing buffs, or items will be completely and utterly ignored, circumventing one of their key strategies and potentially sending them spinning as they struggle to develop a new plan.

Finally, we have Altaria GX’s last attack, Euphoria GX, which can only be used once per battle. This attack will heal ALL of your Pokémon in play, plus put your Opponent’s active Pokémon asleep, turning back the clock and undoing all the hard work they have done so far.

Yet, even though this card alone is something to behold, it is the supporting cards that go along with it, that truly make it shine.

Altaria GX Main Supporters

Contained within the Altaria GX deck, from the Dragon Majesty set, we have a number of other cards that have to be highlighted and explained, as they add significant consistency and damage boosting capabilities to this deck.

Starting out simple, we will highlight the two Swablu cards contained within this deck, both of which can easily be obtained from any Dragon Majesty product.

The Power of Dragon Majesty, Altaria GX Unleashed

We chose to add two each of these Swablu cards to the deck, to allow an increase in options.

First, Swablu 56/70 allows you to gain a card advantage early on in the game, as you are waiting to evolve it, with its Collect attack.

Second, Swablu 57/70 has the Sing attack, which for one energy can put your opponents Pokémon to sleep. This is great if you are falling behind, or need one more rounds to get some energy onto one of your benched Pokemon.

Next up in the batter’s box, is “baby” Altaria 40/70, also contained within the Dragon Majesty set.

With a low 80HP’s and a poor attack, “baby” Altaria is not expected to see direct battle. However, where its strength lies is in its ability, Fight Song, which increases your other Dragon Pokémon’s attack by 20 more damage.

When adding this increase in damage, plus attaching a choice band and putting a Devoured Field into play, this means that your main attacker, Altaria GX now does 110 damage to your opponents GX / EX Pokémon with the Bright Tone attack, and 170 damage with the Sonic Edge attack!

The Power of Dragon Majesty, Altaria GX Unleashed

This powerful combo is surprisingly incredibly easy to set up and get off the ground with the great selection of trainer cards that are contained within this Altaria GX deck.

Cards such as Mysterious Treasure, Apricorn Maker, Nest Ball and Lance Prism Star, the latter of which is exclusive to the Dragon Majesty set, are just a few of the Item and Supporter cards that help you dig out your Dragon Pokémon quickly and get them onto to the field, ready for action!

The Power of Dragon Majesty, Altaria GX Unleashed

In Conclusion

When used in combination with a plethora of game turning cards, such as switch and Guzma, plus draw supporters such as Cynthia and Tate & Lizia, this Altaria GX deck is sure to stun and shock your opponents with powerful blasts of sheer Dragon power!

While at the same time, limiting and controlling your opponent’s ability to fight back, stopping them dead in their tracks with a combination of sleep and damage neutralizing attacks.

So, are you ready to take flight with Altaria GX, or one of the many other exciting Pokémon contained exclusively within the Dragon Majesty expansion set? We know we are.