The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

Fans of the Pokémon TCG are in for an exciting weekend, as the Pokémon World Championships have officially begun, taking place this weekend at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.

This event will last from August 16th to August 18th and is an invite only event, in which players had to qualify to be eligible to enter, throughout the course of the year.

Some of the biggest names appearing in this tournament have been featured in highlight videos on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, such as Allister, Azul Garcia Griego, Arash Ommati, Federico Turano, Natalie Shampay and of course, Tord Reklev.

However, it was through watching these videos that we discovered a just released video, only hours old at the time of writing, disclosing some key new information about the Pokémon TCG, that will soon dramatically change the way many play the game…

Pokémon V Revealed

Stumbling across this video, that was JUST released, we were both shocked and excited, as many of you likely will be upon reading this news. 

The creators of the Pokémon TCG have some major plans in store, that are sure to shake up each and every format across the whole spectrum of the Pokémon TCG, whether it be Standard, or Expanded.

Throughout the course of this video, we are first presented with a number of major recent changes that we have seen take place in the Pokémon TCG, such as GX & Tag Team GX Pokémon, the latter of which was only just released within the last few sets.

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

These cards are illustrated featuring some of the most impactful of these card types, such as Tapu Lele GX and Pikachu & Zekrom GX, two cards that have warped the Pokémon TCG Standard format around them.

Building anticipation, we are quickly brought to the heart of this short teaser video, the next eVolution in the Pokémon TCG, the Pokémon V cards…

What are Pokémon V?

This is a question that everyone is asking and as this breaking news is just a few hours old at the time of writing, much is unknown and yet to be learned about the mechanics of the new Pokémon V evolution type card.

However, we have captured a few screenshots from within this teaser video that demand further exploring.

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

The first Pokémon V card shown is Zacian V, the first of the two soon to be introduced legendary type Pokémon that will appear for the first time ever in the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield game, that releases on November 15th of this year.

The second card shown is of the second legendary type Pokémon that will be appearing in Sword and Shield, Zamazenta V.

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

The Next Big eVolution: Pokémon V Revealed

So what can we decifier from these cobbled together images? 

The first thing that MAJORLY jumps out at us is the fact that these attacks have NO energy cost! This is huge, as these are real, serious attacks, not just minor abilities.

Zacian V has “Brave Blade” which does a whopping 230 damage, but then can’t be used the following turn. 

This is ok, as from the limited “ability” text that we can read, it appears that Zacian V is going to be able to search their deck for possibly an item card, that can then be attached to it, beefing up this card even further.

Zamazenta V on the other hand has “Assault Tackle” which does an impressive, although less severe 130 damage, however, it discards a “special energy” that is attached to your opponent’s active Pokémon.

Next, it appears that Zamazenta V has a “prevent damage” ability, making both its attack and ability very fitting for a Pokémon that represents the embodiment of a shield.

No evolution stage is shown on these Pokémon V cards, nor is there a text box stating “basic”. This is very odd indeed and is something that may mean more as we learn more about these cards heading into the future.

Lastly, we can see that the Pokémon V cards are going to follow the same prize rules as the EX and GX type Pokémon, which is that if they are knocked out, then your opponent will be able to draw two prize cards, rather than one.

In Conclusion

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we can bring this latest, developing news that is soon set to change the landscape of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

This new card type will likely be released in the upcoming major Pokémon TCG set release, featuring Pokémon Sword and Shield, which will bring a close to the Sun & Moon sets that have existed for the last few years.

These new cards look both exciting and fun to play and we can’t wait to explore them further as we learn more news about them in the coming months!

Please let us know what excites you most about the next eVolution in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and as always, thanks for reading.