The Newest Mythical Pokémon, Melmetal GX Enters the Arena

Today we are going to explore one of Pokémon’s newly discovered Pokémon, who has just recently burst onto the scene in the latest version of the game, “Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!”.

Fortunately for players of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the wait for this new Pokémon to arrive on the competitive scene was not long, as Melmetal GX is not only here, but has its own GX Box!

Melmetal GX Box

Throughout the course of this article, we are going to discover and explore this exciting new Mythical Pokémon, as well as explain exactly what you get within each and every Melmetal GX Box.

Who and What is Melmetal GX?

Melmetal GX evolves from his basic Pokémon form, Meltan and carries over much of the same characteristics after evolution.

As previously stated, Melmetal GX is Pokémon’s newest Mythical Pokémon, seeing debut in the latest game, “Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!”.

Bulbapedia explains this Pokémon best, showcasing who and what Melmetal GX is;

Melmetal GX

“Melmetal is a large silver Pokémon with a roughly humanoid build. It mainly consists of a liquid metal that is reflective.

Many large dark gray hexagonal nuts appear on its body, including its shoulders, elbows and hands, one in the middle of its chest, and one on each foot.

A gold-colored nut makes up its chest and second one serves as its head. Much like Meltan, it has a grey orb that serves as its pupil and a small red tail.

Melmetal was in known in ancient times to be worshipped for the ability to create metal. Its body is incredibly sturdy due to evolving from combined Meltan. Due to the state of its liquid metal body, the arms are very flexible, capable of delivering power punches.”

Truly an exciting and interesting addition to the Pokédex, but what exactly does this mean for collectors and players of the Pokémon Trading Card Game? Power, that’s what.

The Power Contained Within the Melmetal GX Box

To obtain the latest version of Melmetal GX, you must purchase the Melmetal GX Box, as this card is exclusive to this product.

Melmetal GX Box

Contained within is Melmetal GX SM178, an Ultra Rare Black Star Promo card.

The Black Star Promo sets are some of the most collectible and hardest to complete, due to the fact that the cards contained within this set are typically only included as limited editions in various products and are not contained within standard booster packs.

However, if you aren’t a collector and are just looking to obtain this card for its sheer raw power, than you are in luck, as Melmetal GX SM178 has this in spades.

Possessing a stunning 220 Hit Points, and the special ability “Hard Coat”, which reduces damage from attacks by 30, this Pokémon is nothing short of a formidable “tank”.

Being able to role with the punches is important for this Pokémon, as its normal attack “Metal Blast” requires four energy, of any type to be used, which is quite a lot.

Fortunately, its GX attack, “Iron Force GX” allows a shortcut to this process, enabling you to attach any number of “steel energy” from your discard pile, to “this” Pokémon.

If you have more than four steel energy in your discard pile, then you are in luck, as each additional steel energy increases your “Metal Blast” attack by another 20 damage!

Four steel energy results in this attack doing 190 damage, five results in 210 damage, six 230 and so on. You get the point!

This is a beastly Pokémon, but fortunately, it is not all that is contained within the the Melmetal GX Box.

The Other Contents of the Melmetal GX Box

If the previous GX card wasn’t enough to to get you excited, than you are in luck, as the Melmetal GX Box contains two other exclusive Black Star Promo cards!

Meltan Cards in Melmetal GX Box

Melmetal’s basic form “Meltan” is included within this collection box, granting you another Black Star Promo card, as well as a way to evolve your newly acquired Melmetal GX.

In addition to this, you will receive one jumbo sized version of the Melmetal GX card, which is a highly sought after collectible in its own right and can either be kept, sold off, or traded depending upon your interest.

Melmetal GX Box

Finally, we have the booster packs! Each Melmetal GX Box comes with four booster packs from various recent sets of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, granting you the ability to score another prize Pokémon or perhaps even a full art trainer card!


We hope that you as excited as us for the launch of this brand new product, which is just now making its way towards customers!

Melmetal GX is a powerful new Mythical type Pokémon that has just burst onto the scene within the Pokémon universe and we are excited to see what innovative and exciting new decks will be crafted centering around this powerful Pokémon!

What decklist do you think will work best with Melmetal GX? Do you plan on bring it into battle, or are you like many others who are simply looking to add it to your growing collection? Let us know, we’d love to hear!