The Most Competitive Cards in Shining Legends

The Pokémon Shining Legends mini set was released just on the 6th, and unlike the mini sets of the past, it brings several competitive cards and even reintroduces new cards to the mix.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the cards in the set and let you know what to look out for in the set.

Competitive New Cards in Pokemon Shining Legends

Competitive Cards Within the Set

First, let’s take a look at what tournament players will want to look out for. We’ve got a few cards in the set that bring interesting abilities into the mix, so let’s dive in:


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a regular, stage 2 venusaur in rotation, and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s got 160 HP, a 90 damage attack and the Lord of the Jungle Ability. The Lord of the jungle ability does the following:

“As long as this Pokémon is in play, each basic grass energy attached to it provides 2 grass energy instead. You can’t use more than 1 Lord of the Jungle ability each turn.”

A solid choice for decks with obnoxious attack costs! Note, that in the current reading, it seems this ability can even be used if a Pokémon is not grass type and can take the place of 2 colorless energy. Quite a versatile power indeed!

Shining Genesect

Shining Genesect has an ability in which it may move 1 grass energy from a benched Pokémon and applies it to the Genesect. Additionally it’s got a pretty good attack doing 50 base damage with 20 more damage for each grass energy attached.

It’s going to fit in nicely as a 1 prize card attacker, and since it’s Shining Genesect, it won’t count towards Genesect’s 4 card limit. (You could have up to 4 Shining Genesect and 4 Genesect, if you wanted/needed.)

Raichu GX

Raichu GX comes with 210 hitpoints on a stage one GX. Which, is pretty standard for the current TCG rotation. But, it shines when you take a look at it’s main attack. The main attack does 20 damage plus 20 more for each electric energy attached to all your Pokémon.

This works well because there are a ton of electric support cards in the mix like electrode and magnezone. It also has an attack Thunder with 160 damage, but it does 30 damage to itself, so it’s not an ideal attack.

The last attack is volt tackle GX which does 120 damage and paralyzes your opponents Pokémon. Unfortunately, status inflicting damage moves are losing effectiveness with Guzma and other supporters that are in the current rotation. Still, it’s a solid move and may set your opponent back a turn or two!

Lastly, since this is in the pikachu line, you have a ton of options to use for its unevolved/non-GX form.


Raikou is a 120 HP basic card with a good main attack for supporting Raichu GX. The Roaring Thunderclap attack does 30 damage, and attaches an electric energy from your discard pile to your benched Pokémon.

It’s a good card for getting energy on the field and is a good partner to Raichu GX. It’ll also find a place in other electric decks too, so it’s a good pick overall. Expect to see one to two of these cards in competitive electric decks in need of energy.

Shining Jirachi

Shining Jirachi is a basic, 70 HP Pokémon. It’s similar to espeon EX in that it de-evolves Pokémon. The difference between it and espeon is that unlike espeon, it de-evolves the Pokémon down to its base Pokémon. It only de-evolves the active Pokémon too, but it’s single prize card and 1 psychic energy cost can make it more beneficial than espeon. At least in certain situations.

Zoroark GX

Most agree that the Zoroark GX card is the best to come out of Shining Legends. Why? Well, it’s ability. Once during your turn, you may discard 1 card from your hand, and if you do you draw 2 cards.

This is the same diving draw that was on Empoleon back in the day. Empoleon did pop up in some major tournaments and competitive decks due to the ability, so we definitely are going to see Zoroark GX played competitively too.

Other than the ability, it’s a Stage 1 210 HP card. It’s got two attacks, Riot Beat which does 20 damage time the number of Pokémon you have in play for two colorless energy, and Trickster GX which chooses one of your opponent’s attacks and uses it as your own for two dark energy.

It’s attacks are pretty solid, and with it you can do 120 damage with one energy (if you use double colorless energy). This will result in a two hit knock out for most Pokémon and makes Zoroark GX a good candidate for many different decks.


Hoopa is a 120 HP basic, with the ability Bandit Guard. This ability is going to make the Pokémon an all star in the new rotation. It prevents the effects of attacks including damage done to the Pokémon by your opponents GX and EX Pokémon.

Other than that it’s got a dark energy and dual colorless energy attack that does 80 damage. That’s a good attack, though not the best. Still, Hoopa is basically invulnerable to EX and GX Pokémon, which means that it will see some competitive play, especially in dark decks.

Shining Lugia

Unfortunately, this card is removed from the international release and will be placed into a product box. Still, it’s in the set so we can discuss it as it can make it into competitive play.

The card is a 130 HP basic, and features pretty powerful attacks that only need colorless energy. It’s first attack does 60 damage plus an additional 60 if the opponent’s active Pokémon has an ability. This attack only takes three colorless energy to use, and the next one only requires 4. This means that both attacks only need 2 energy cards to power up.

The last attack deals 130 damage, but does discard an energy attached to the Pokémon. Still, for a colorless card, it may make it’s way into the competitive decks, albeit in small numbers.


This mini set is sure to change up the meta of competitive play due to the quality of cards released. We may even see dark type decks make a return due to the Hoopa and Zoroark GX released. Get your hands on these cards if you’re interested in building the most competitive deck possible!