Ravnica Allegiance is Coming, Prepare Yourself

The Guilds of Ravnica Pro Tour has come and gone.

Much to everyone’s surprise, even though it was highly expected to see a Golgari deck taking the championship, some seasoned veterans of the game had other plans on mind, once again proving just how diverse and interesting of a game Magic the Gathering truly is.

After flooding the board with a plethora of small, low cost creatures, otherwise known as “weenies”, Andrew Elenbogen overtook the highly favored to win, Luis Scott-Vargas, the latter of which is a legend in the game, and the former, who has now placed himself forever in the games history books.

Guilds of Ravnica has proven to be one of the most diverse and entertaining standard seasons in recent Magic the Gathering history, as no one deck dominates all the rest, and even now, the deck run by the Pro Tour winner is being heavily countered, causing it to drop out of favor.

However, this is now, and in the very near future, another set of cards is soon to hit the shelves, completely and utterly shaking up the META game as we know it.

The Remaining Guilds Are Coming

The 80th set in Magic the Gatherings history launches on January 25th, 2019, which will be here before you know it!

This set brings with it the guild colors that were missing in Guilds of Ravnica, of which we pointed out in our blog post, pertaining to the launch of that set.

These are as follows;

This completes the full suite of guilds that occupy the Plane of Ravnica, and of which are sure to result in some intense, mage slinging action. Further increasing the interest in the current Standard rotation, and all of the sets that currently make up its collective.

The Current Sets in the Standard Rotation

What is truly insane, is that we are currently at the smallest cycle that this Standard rotation will ever experience, yet, the diversity of decks and cards that are “playable” are truly stunning.

With the launch of Ravnica Allegiance, the following sets will be standard legal;

  • Ixalan
  • Rivals of Ixalan
  • Dominaria
  • Core Set 2019
  • Guilds of Ravnica and,
  • Ravnica Allegiance

The launch of this set increases the card pool in a serious manner, and as previously pointed out, will drastically reshape the META game, as many previously missing guilds are added, while other cards improve those that already exist.

But what should you be doing to prepare for the launch of Ravnica Allegiance? What cards will move the most with the coming of this highly anticipated set?

It’s All About the Lands, Well Just About…

Savvy veterans of the game know what guilds are coming, and above all else, they know that this set will bring with it the remainder of the missing “shock lands” that compliment these remaining guilds, that are vital to completing a fully functioning, as efficient as possible deck.

Fortunately, if you plan on playing one of these soon to be introduced guilds, there are some steps that you could be taking now, preemptively, before the price of a few select cards begin to rise, significantly.

These are the “buddy lands” that have already been printed and will pair with the “shock lands” that are soon to release in the next set.

Guilds Of Ravnica Allegiance

All of these cards, are destined to increase in price, rapidly, and in short order, as players will need these to complete their decks come early next year, as will you, if you plan on running as efficiently of a deck as possible.

Big Bad, Teferi

The next card that that everyone is already in fear of, come the release of the Ravnica Allegiance is none other than the man in blue himself, Teferi Hero of Dominaria, who is going to drastically increase in favor, with the release of the lands he needs to “complete” his deck.

Guilds of Ravnica Allegiance

This Planeswalker is already one of the most powerful cards in the format, and is only going to get that much better with an increase in spells that favor his guild, Jeskai.

This is one card that if you plan on playing, you are advised to get it soon, as it is destined to increase significantly over the coming months, and will likely remain so until it rotates out of standard.


Even though we are currently experiencing one of the most fun standard pools that we have seen since the days of Innistrad, over seven long years ago.

We expect the next set to be just as big of hit as the last one, further increasing the entertainment and joy that that only a true Planeswalker can describe.

Have fun and let us know which guilds most excite you in the soon to be released Ravnica Allegiance set?