Pokémon XY-Evolutions Expansion Details

Pokemon XY has been an epic era. How epic you ask? It was so game changing that it has been classified as two separate eras: the XY era and the XY BREAK era. Love or hate the changes, you’ve probably kept up with the expansions and are wondering what the last expansion will be like, how it’ll impact players and what the future has in store.

We’ve got all the details you could want and then some below:

Pokémon XY Evolutions

The last expansion for the XY series of Pokémon trading cards is almost here. With booster packs and two theme decks (Pikachu Power and Mewtwo Mayhem) set to be released by November 2, 2016, the anticipation has never been higher.

Featured Cards

With 108 cards (109 counting a secret card) including 12 new Pokémon-EX, 5 mega evolution Pokémon, 4 new Pokémon BREAK, and reworked cards from the based set, this expansion ends the XY era strongly. Here’s what we know so far about the cards in this new expansion:

Reprinted cards from the original set will use the original artwork to combine the nostalgia of the first era with new surprises. Booster packs will feature artwork that is a redrawn version of the original base set’s booster package and the lineup will mostly follow the composition of the base set.

Here are some of the cards confirmed to be in the new expansion:

1. Charizard


2. Ninetails BREAK

Ninetails BREAK

3. Slowbro-EX


4. M Slowbro-EX


5. Electrode


6. Mewtwo-EX


7. Dragonite-EX


8. Blastoise Spirit Link

Blastoise Spirit Link

9. Exeggutor (Secret Card)

Exeggutor (Secret Card)

Looking Back on the XY Era

The XY era brought with it many firsts, and almost all of them were game changing. For example, this series brought with it Mega Evolution Pokémon, Fairy-type Pokémon, and BREAK Evolutions. This is in addition to the many cards that players have come to love and the competitive decks that it’s spawned.

Overall, the XY Era was a big one with many changes to the way that games were played and what counted as a competitive deck. Some of the stand out cards include:

  • Sceptile-Ex & M Sceptile EX
  • Fighting Fury Belt
  • Omastar & Omastar BREAK
  • Carbink & Carbink BREAK
  • Delinquent
  • Manaphy-EX
  • And plenty more!

Looking Forward to the Sun and Moon Era

As we step out of the XY era into the Sun and Moon era, we’re excited to see what Pokémon will add to the trading card game. XY shook things up a lot, changing not just the most competitive decks, but the most competitive play styles as well! Here’s what the new TCG era may have to offer:

Alolan Forms

With all the changes coming in the Sun and Moon game, there is huge potential for the trading card game. One of the most exciting parts of Sun and Moon is it’s Alolan forms. Seeing some (or all) of the Alolan forms added to the trading card game would be awesome!

For example, Raichu and Ninetails are already popular cards, Alolan Ninetails and Alolan Raichu could add a new level of diversity to the card game! Perhaps most exciting is that we’ve already seen some Alolan cards in Japan, specifically Alolan Meowth and Alolan Rattata.

Revealed Cards

There’s been little information released so far, but based on some promo cards released in Japan, we’ve identified the following cards:

  • Lunala
  • Solgaleo
  • Tsareena
  • Lapras
  • Sandile
  • Krokorok
  • Alolan Meowth
  • Yungoos
  • Gumshoos
  • Grubbin
  • Formantis
  • Lurantis
  • Charjabug
  • Vikavolt
  • Drowzee
  • Hypno
  • Alolan Rattata
  • Rockruff
  • Lycanroc-GX

Rockruff and Lycanroc-GX will be part of a theme deck featuring the pair.

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