Pokémon TCG Rumor Roundup: July 2017

Hey Zephyr Epic fans,

We’re coming to you with a new, recurring blog series.  The idea is to be a monthly roundup and dissection of rumors floating around Pokemon TCG. So, with the series introduced, let’s dive right in!

Pokemon TCG Rumors

Rumor 1: Pokemon TCG Online Coming to the Switch?

Recently, there have been talks about a possible port of Pokemon TCGO to the Nintendo Switch. Let’s take a look at whether it’s possible and how likely it would be.

Is it possible to get Pokemon TCG Online on the Switch?

Pokemon TCG Online is currently on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Additionally, you can play it on Linux with WINE. The game itself runs on the Unity engine, which means that it should be both possible and easy to create a PTCGO (Pokemon Trading Card Game Online) app for the switch.

So far, this speaks well for the rumors of a possible port to Nintendo. But, before we begin jumping in joy, there’s another factor to consider:

Will they take the time to port it?

Unfortunately, here’s where rumors begin to break apart. PTCGO took a while to hop from platform to platform in the first place, and in some cases support is still spotty. We actually brought this up in our review, in which the android device we used wasn’t supported by the app!

Verdict: Unlikely, but possible.

Rumor 2: No More Double Dragon Energy in Burning Shadows?

According to a recent reddit post, which contained 19 of the 21 pages for the Burning Shadows setlist, it looks like there won’t be a reprint of Double Dragon Energy cards.

With the high energy costs on many dragon type Pokemon, this could be a significant blow to the viability of dragon types in competitive play.

Verdict: Likely True.

Rumor 3: Ho-Oh RR, Charizard FA, and Olivia FA will not be in Burning Shadows

Note that RR stands for Rainbow Rare, and FA stands for Full Art. 

As we approach the Pokemon Sun and Moon Burning Shadows Expansion’s release date, more and more rumors are likely to pop up.

This rumor originated on Pokebeach, but has since spread in several PTCGO communities on the internet. Supposedly,

  • Ho-Oh RR will be in the shining Legends Super Premium Collection
  • Charizard RR will be in the Charizard Premium Collection
  • and Olivia FA will be in Crimson Invasion

Verdict: Partially True, Charizard RR is in the set, Charizard FA won’t be.

That’s it for this month’s rumor roundup, stay tuned to the Zephyr Epic blog for more great Pokemon TCG news!