Pokémon’s Sun & Moon Team Up Secrets Revealed

Anticipation is through the roof in regards to Pokémon’s next hit set that is rapidly approaching and for good reason, as it is expected to be a massive hit with both collectors and players alike.

Featuring both unique gameplay mechanics and artwork, Pokémon’s “Team Up” set will officially launch on February 1st and Zephry Epic is already taking pre-orders for those who are just as excited as us for this sets release.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Team Up

Much of this set is still hidden and unknown, with the creators of the TCG keeping many spoilers secret until we get closer to the sets release date. Still some secrets have been discovered, of which we will now discuss.

Team Up Tag Team GX Cards Revealed

So far, we have learned about a number of cards that will be included in this set, with a few key cards recently being spoiled, including a number of the brand new, unique “Tag Team” GX cards, which pair two popular Pokémon together on the same card, creating a powerful tag team combination that is sure to rock your opponents to their core.


The first of these cards to be revealed was at a recent major tournament, which was the Pikachu & Zekrom GX Tag Team GX card.

Pokemon Team Up

Like we said, it is still early, and finding any information about these secretive cards is still quite hard to find. However, we at least know a few cards and the moves listed on them.

The first attack of Pikachu & Zekrom GX is “Full Blitz”, which requires three lightning energy, does 150 damage, plus has the following effect;

“Search your deck for up to 3 Energy cards and attach them to 1 of your Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck.”

The second of attack, which is the GX attack and thus can only be used once per match, is “Tag Bolt GX” which has the following affect;

“If this Pokémon has at least 3 extra Energy attached to it (in addition to this attack’s cost), this attack does 170 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon.”

In addition to these two stunning moves, this dynamic duo has a whopping 240 HP, putting it well out of range of being 1 hit KO, of even some of the most powerful Pokémon currently in the standard rotation.

The next Tag Team GX card that we know of, is going to be one of the most sought after cards in the set.

Featuring the adorable combination of Evee & Snorlax, these two popular Pokémon join forces in a deadly combination.

Team Up

Unlike the first Tag Team GX card revealed, Eevee & Snorlax GX have three moves, rather than two.

Also, as these are both normal type Pokémon, they are going to be a highly demanded addition to a number of decks, easily fitting in due to their colorless energy requirement.

Their first attack, “Cheer Up” only requires one energy and allows you to accelerate energy either onto itself, or another one of you benched Pokémon.

The second attack, “Dump Truck Press” does 120 base damage, which is impressive on its own, however, if your opponents Pokémon is an Evolution Pokémon, it does an additional 120 damage, for a total of 240 damage, easily knocking out just about every Pokémon in the format.

Finally, their last attack, “Megaton Friends GX”  is both a heavy hitting and card drawing dream, allowing you multiple options in how you use it to seal your opponents fate and take the win.

Sun & Moon Team Up Secret Rares

The next secret that we have learned, ironically is about a number of the Secret Rares themselves that are to be included in this set.

Three Secret Rares that are known to be in the next Sun & Moon expansion, also reveal three more “Tag Team GX” cards that are going to be in the set, as they will also include “regular” artwork within the standard base set.

Team Up

These cards are Gengar & Mimikyu GX, Wailord & Magikarp and Venusaur & Celebi GX.

All three of these cards will feature alternative artwork, that is going to make them highly sought after by those who simply have to “catch them all”, or individual card collectors, of specific Pokémon types.


Many more secrets are being revealed everyday, and already we known what the packaging of this set is going to look like, as they are now available for pre-order on Zephyr Epic.

Team Up!

In addition to those cards we discussed in this article, we know that the Sun & Moon Tag Team set is going to include at least 181 cards, plus a number of Secret Rares.

Needless to say, this set, which is one of the most anticipated in recent memory is going to be a massive success due to its unique mechanics and artwork.

Collectors are going to demand many of these cards be added to their collections and thus, you can expect that it is going to fly off the shelves.

We are eagerly anticipating its release and counting down the days until it is here, both as players and as collectors.

But how about you? Which Tag Team GX  Pokémon are you most excited to add to your team’s lineup, or to your collection? Let us know, we’d love to hear.