Pokémon Artwork Spotlight

This blog post, we wanted to try something that we haven’t done previously. Normally, we write about Pokémon TCG strategy, the ever changing meta, and other Pokémon related topics.

But, never before have we showcased your artwork! We have some amazingly talented individuals amongst our followers and we wanted to take a moment to share some of their amazing artwork.

Clefairy Pokemon Art

Clefairy preparing tea

Our first artwork comes from H. Olive Hamlin on Twitter. Oliver is an illustrator who loves to use a watercolor style and a circular design for each piece. This piece stuck out to us for its creative, yet accurate depiction of the Pokémon Clefairy. Subtle details such as the bonsai tree, window style, rug and flooring show that effort was put into making the scene appear as if it was from a Japanese home, where one can imagine the Pokémon Clefairy serving up tea.

The attention to details combined with the overall style made it an instant favorite for us. You can see more of Oliver’s artwork on Twitter.

Pokemon Paper Town DIY

Papercraft Petalburg

Posted on the Pokémon subreddit by u/wrestlingdudeasttn, this art piece is nostalgic, super creative, and great for a DIY project! He was kind enough to provide templates to follow in the event you’d like to create a Paper Petalburg of your own. Recommendations if you decide to take on the project for yourself include using cardstock and a high quality glue (u/wrestlingdudasttn recommends Aleene’s tacky glue).

We had to pick this as not only is it an awesome arts and crafts project, but it’s something that you can easily do yourself! Just check out this template.

Charizard Pokemon Fan Art


This piece was done by Constance Little on Twitter, who created it by first creating a sketch/outline with light pencils. Then, Constance went over the pencil outline with markers creating a unique and vibrant take on the fan favorite: Charizard. We chose this because the contrasting blue flames and black background make for a striking piece while the use of markers resulted in a powerful look.

Constance shares more art on her Twitter page where you can find plenty of sketches and the occasional Pokémon piece shuffled in.

D.Va Pokemon Skin Idea

Pokémon D.Va Skin anyone?

Amber Harris shared this awesome illustration of the overwatch tank D.Va dressed in a Pokémon themed skin. We enjoy the occasional Overwatch game ourselves here at Zephyr Epic, and fans of both the game and Pokémon will agree that this would be an epic skin to introduce! The Pikachu inspired mech is the icing on the cake!

The chances of a skin like this really being implemented into the game are slim, but it’s fun to dream! Plus, it’s a really well executed illustration. If you want to see more like this, check out Amber’s Twitter.

Get your art in the next showcase!

Want to see your art featured here? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter using the tag #EpicPokémonArt. Our favorite submissions will be featured on our blog! There’s no limit to the types of art, and even crafts like the Paper Petalburg above can be submitted!

We look forward to seeing all your great art!