England’s Top 3 Goalscorers in FIFA World Cup History

After its victory in the World Cup of 1966, England has not brought home another trophy as champions of the world. Their performance has been respectable, of course. They made it to the semi-finals in Italy 1990 and in this World Cup, Russia 2018. Also, they have made it to the quarterfinals a decent numbers of times. So, yes; they are quite an outstanding team that has recruited great players over the years. Some can say that scoring goals does not make you the best player, but goals are what gets you to the Final. Therefore, today we are going to show you the trading cards of England’s top 3 goalscorers in FIFA World Cup history. By now you should already know our fascination with trading cards, especially old ones. Let’s do this!

3rdPlace goes to…

Geoff Hurst! This striker occupies the third place with five total goals scored in two World Cups. The first four were scored in England 1966, the year they won the tournament, and the fifth one belongs to Mexico 1970. He played for the West Ham United (1959-1972), the Stoke City (1972-1975), Cape Town City (1973), West Bromwich Albion (1975-1976), Cork Celtic (1976), and the Seattle Sounders (1976). Here you can see a signed copy of his trading cardof 1966, his best year.

Geoff Hurst

Occupying the second place is striker Harry Kane with six goals, all of them scored in this World Cup of Russia 2018. Harry Kane played for the Ridgeway Rovers (1999-2001), then was signed by the Arsenal, where he played for a year (2001-2002). After that period, he returned to the Ridgeway Rovers in 2002, where he played for two more years until 2004, when he was signed by the Watford. Lastly he was signed by the Tottenham Hotspur (again in 2004) and played until 2009. Here you can see a limited edition trading card of the present World Cup. Let’s see what this 24-year-old player will bring us in the future.

Harry Kane

And the first place goes to… drums, please… Garry Lineker, with ten goals total! These ten goals were scored within two World Cups. First, in Mexico in 1986 where he scored 6 goals, and then in Italy in 1990, where he did not disappoint his fans when scoring a total of 4 goals. In 1986 he was awarded the Golden Boot, after being the top scorer of the tournament, and he remains today the only English player to have won it. He scored in the quarterfinals game against Argentina, however, that was the same match where Maradona scored his famous “Hand of God” goal and “The Goal of the Century”, granting the South American country a ticket to the Final. Below is a trading card of this player from 1986, when playing on the World Cup.

Garry Lineker

These are the top scorers for England in the history of the World Cup, let’s see what happens on Qatar 2022.