Eight More Reasons to be Excited for Pokémon Sun and Moon

2016 has been a wonderful year for the Pokemon franchise and its fans. We’ve been spoiled with Pokemon Go, the Generation and Steam Siege expansions and re-releases of the Gen I games on Nintendo DS. Now, we are two months away from the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the primary paired versions of Gen VII, and we’re itching for the chance to explore the Alola region.

Over the past couple of months Nintendo has been teasing us with information about the new Pokémon in the region, as well as the Alola versions of Pokémon we already know (*cough cough* Exeggutor *cough*).  Even though we can’t play the games yet, we can definitely let our imaginations run wild with art and memes.

We’ve come across some great fan art that is seriously making us excited for the new generation (we’re already forming bonds with these Pokémon). Take a look at some of our favourites!

1. Alolan Vulpix by Kurobi

Pokemon Sun and Moon, Vulpix

On August 1st, the new forms for Vulpix and it’s evolved version Ninetails was revealed. In spite of the type-change, Vulpix remains one of the most beautiful Pokémon in the series and a favourite among fan artists. We love how Kurobi’s version of the Alolan ice-type stays true to it’s adorable essence.

2. Alolan Ninetails by Johayna

Pokemon Sun and Moon, Ninetails

In Alola, Ninetails are revered as sacred emissaries but they are still very gentle. Johayna gets points for capturing both sides of this amazing Pokémon. Bonus points for setting the mood with the Cutiefly; since these Bee-Pokémon can sense auras they are attracted to extreme happiness and sadness.

Fun Fact: The artist draws all of her art using her mouse! Not her tablet.

3. Rattata in a Suit by truebuggy

Pokemon Sun and Moon Rattata

When the Alolan form for Rattata was announced, everyone had one reaction: ‘What is with the moustache?!’

Then the art and memes followed.

This one is pretty unique. Moustache-Rattata looks quite magnificent in a tuxedo.

4. Surfer ‘Chu (Raichu) by bhuxu

Pokemon Sun and Moon Raichu

Bhuxu is an amazing Pokémon fan artist and this Raichu is just radiant. In our opinion it is a huge improvement on Raichu’s design; he’s cute,fun and can still pack a punch!

5. Rockruff by Ochii

Pokemon Sun and Moon Rockruff

If Rockruff’s really existed, let’s hope they look like this! Ochii’s art makes us delightfully anxious for the chance to add this loyal and playful companion to our Pokémon Squad.

6. Lurantis by bhuxu

Pokemon Sun and Moon Lurantis

We really enjoy Bhuxu’s Pokémon art. Lurantis is said to be the most gorgeous of all grass Pokémon and Bhuxu definitely does it justice with brilliant colours.

7. Mimikyu by renebii

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mimikyu

When Mimikyu was announced, we couldn’t have guessed that this fairy Pokémon would receive so much love from the fans. Although Renebii’s Mimikyu is blushing cuddle-bear, do not be fooled! It is said that if you were to peek under Mimikyu’s ‘zombie-like’ Pikachu disguise you would be struck with a sudden illness.

8. Gijinka Mimikyu by Kelbremdusk

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mimikyu Gijinka


Pokémon Sun and Moon fan artists can’t seem to get enough of Mimikyu. We think Kelbremdusk’s ginjika version is just brilliant. The cosplay is inspiring and it is an interesting blend of the Pokemon and Dungeons and Dragons fandoms.

Pokémon fandom is full of amazing fan artists and it’s really inspiring to see how talented so many of them are.