4 Reasons TCG Players Choose Pokemon Over Other Trading Card Games

When it comes to trading card games, a few may come into mind. Perhaps you think of Yu-Gi-Oh! With fond memories of your first Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Others may think about the hearthstone app on their phone. More still may recall matches of Magic The Gathering at their local game shop.

But, one TCG stands above the rest for its appeal to all ages and TCG players of all backgrounds: Pokemon TCG.

Here’s why.

1. It’s easier on your wallet

When it comes to Pokemon TCG, even some of the most competitive cards during the season can be had for just a couple dollars on the resale market. In some other TCGs a competitive, in-meta card may cost as much as $80!

Pokemon TCG doesn't break the bank

This isn’t to say that Pokemon cards can’t be valuable, in fact they can fetch a pretty penny if they’re rare or desireable. Instead, it has to do with how the Pokemon Company handles printing cards that are competitive. In some cases, Pokemon will make a particularly competitive card a promo card giving anyone guaranteed access.

2. There’s a totally free and totally integrated online component


Another big pro to Pokemon TCG is Pokemon TCG Online. The online version of the game can be played entirely for free, and integrates nicely with physical cards, meaning a physical booster pack also grants you a code to redeem for the online app.

3. Longer life for decks, few drastic changes

Pokemon TCG doesn't break the bank

Pokemon cards are very rarely banned from competitive play, meaning you usually won’t have any trouble going to a tournament only to find out that your deck is unusable. That’s not to say you shouldn’t check, but it does happen pretty rarely, and is usually the subject of much discussion.

Additionally Pokemons rotation is relatively forgiving, giving decks a long life in the standard competitive scene before letting them also go on to compete in the thriving expanded scene. You won’t be needing to purchase entirely knew decks every couple months! (Though you certainly wouldn’t be alone in wanting to!)