Three Items You’ll Always Want On Hand Before a Box Break

Whether you just got a hobby box of this year’s latest hockey cards, or you’re set to open up a box from the latest Pokemon TCG expansion, it can be tempting to break into the box as soon as possible.

After all, you never know if this is finally the time you get that card you’ve been waiting all year for!

But, are you ready to protect that new card adequately when you get it? What about capture your joy and excitement when you flip the card over? By keeping these 5 items on hand during any box break you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared for any eventuality!

1. A camera or two recording the box break

Camera Requirements

This step can be the most important, but also the most often forgotten. There are many reasons why you’d want to record yourself opening a box break, and no you don’t need to share it on YouTube to make recording the video worth it.

Say for example that you’ve received a box as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. Or, perhaps you bought the hobby box using money someone gave you in lieu of a gift. Recording yourself opening the box allows the person who gave you the gift, money, or gift card to see and hear just how excited you were.

It can be a touching and meaningful way to thank someone for a gift.

Photographing your cards

Also, it’s a great memory to have! You can keep it on hand as that time you pulled your favorite card from a hobby box, or maybe, just maybe, laugh at how bad a box break was long after the fact.

Maybe one of the videos you look back on shows a card you overlooked that’s now worth quite a lot! How neat would that be?

As you can see, there are many reasons to record yourself opening a hobby box. And, if you do decide to upload it to YouTube or another social network, let us know! We love to see what you got from our boxes! 🙂

2. Card Sleeves

Card Sleeves

Realistically, this is the number one thing you need to have on hand for every box break. The only reason we didn’t place card sleeves at the #1 position is that collectors and TCG players usually already have them on hand during a box break.

Still it’s important to be sure that you have two types of card sleeves on hand at all times: an inner sleeve and an outer sleeve. This ensures you can protect rare and valuable cards by double sleeving them immediately upon opening them!

Pssst: We talk more about the importance of double sleeving in our blog: Pokemon TCG Storage Tips. While written for Pokemon, much of this content will also apply to sports cards and other TCGs as well!

3. A way to store your cards

Card Sleeves

Speaking of card storage, the last item you’ll want on hand is a way to store your newly acquired cards. This could be a portfolio, a shoebox, or your favorite custom deck box. Just ensure that whatever you’re using to store your cards is organized and safe. Afterall, it’d suck to get your dream card only to lose it and discover it bent underneath a messy stack of other cards.

What Items do you always have on hand before a box break?

Let us know in the comments below!