2019-20 Allure: A New Hockey Card Set from Upper Deck

2019-20 Allure is a brand-new set of NHL hockey cards just released from Upper Deck. Featuring tons of colourful parallels, it offers collectors a chance to find every single parallel card of their favourite player and complete the rainbow. Allure also has lots of rookies, inserts, relics, and autographs to find, so let’s jump in and take a look at what this new set offers!

Base Set

2019-20 Allure features a 100-card base set with a mix of rookies and veterans. There are ten announced varieties of parallels to find: White Rainbow (1:3 packs), Red Rainbow (1:6), Pewter (1:80), Orange Slice (/199), Green Quartz (/99), Steel (/50), Blue Line (/25), Purple Diamond (/10), and Golden Treasure (1/1). There are also Printing Plates (four metal 1/1 cards: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) as well as the Blaster Box exclusive Yellow Taxi parallels (3:5 blaster packs).

Allure features short print additions to the base set. Cards #101-110 (1:20) and #111-135 (1:8) can be found in Pink Diamond (#101-110 are 1:40; #111-135 are 1:16) and Purple Diamond (both /10) parallel variations. 

2019-20 Allure: A New Hockey Card Set from Upper DeckImages via Beckett.


There are five insert subsets to look for in Allure and each comes in a variety of parallels. Top 50 Prospects (1:2) is the easiest to find and is a subset made entirely of this year’s NHL rookie crop, with Green Border (/50), Jersey (1:16), Blue Auto (1:45), Autograph Jersey (/25), Patch (/5) and Auto Tag (1/1) variations. 

Iced Out (1:16) has 1/1 Red Diamond Autographs and Golden Treasure Autographs parallels, while Winter Storm Warning (1:10) has /10 Purple as well as 1/1/ Golden Treasure Autographs parallels. 

Open Ice (1:20) and For the Record (1:40) both have /10 Purple and 1/1 Golden Treasure Autographs parallels to find.

2019-20 Allure: A New Hockey Card Set from Upper Deck
Images via Beckett.


Relic and Autograph Cards

Relic cards average about one per hobby box and come in parallel variations as well. Red Rainbow Jersey cards are the base and the odds are 1:25 for vets and 1:16 for rookies.

Upper Deck has included a lot of autograph cards to find in Allure, and each can be found on colourful parallel cards as well: Red Rainbow (Veterans 1:80, Rookies /349 or /249), Blue Line Auto Jersey (Veterans /35, Rookies /99), Purple Diamond Auto Patch (/10) and Gold Treasure Auto Tag (1/1). There are also select high number autographs: Pink Diamond (/59), Purple Diamond (/10) and Golden Treasure (1/1). The special Allure Quartz autograph cards come in two tiers. Tier 1 are 1:300 and Tier 2 are 1:1500. Blue parallels are /5.

2019-20 Allure: A New Hockey Card Set from Upper Deck
Images via Beckett.


In Conclusion

As you can see, 2019-20 Allure hockey cards from Upper Deck offer a lot for collectors. If you’ve enjoyed building rainbow collections for NBA players with Panini Prizm basketball cards, Allure is a great way to do the same thing with the hockey superstars you know and love. 2019-20 Allure is now available on the Zephyr Epic website, so don’t delay in ordering yours! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pre-order 2019-20 Upper Deck Series 2, which releases on February 26th.

What cards are you most intrigued by in this new set? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading!