Zephyr Epic Community Guidelines

Be Respectful and Inclusive to Competitors

Please treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Harassment, inappropriate, threatening or demeaning language will not be tolerated.

Be Respectful of Facilities

Please treat the Zephyr Epic store and Tournament Center with respect. This is a shared space, and the upkeep of these areas is integral to its success.

Be Respectful of Organizers and Staff

Please treat the Zephyr Epic staff and event organizers with respect and patience. They work very hard for your enjoyment.

No Food or Drink on Games Tables

Please do not have any open food or drink on active games tables and keep to the lounge area. Sealed containers, such as water bottles, are permissible.

No Selling of Cards on Property

Please respect that Zephyr Epic is a business and that the selling of cards is prohibited. Trading is encouraged.

Respect Others Privacy

Please respect the privacy of all those within our facilities and their personal possessions.

Shoplifting or Theft will not be tolerated

Any individual caught stealing will be permanently banned from facilities and face punitive action.

Practice Good Sportsmanship

Please win kindly and lose kindly. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

Remain Conscious of Language

Zephyr Epic provides a safe space to many age groups, and individuals must practice decorum to remain respectful.

Be Willing to Help Others

Please be encouraging and respectful to those who may not be as experienced at the games we play. We encourage and celebrate constructive assistance in gameplay in a positive manner.

Have Fun!

Zephyr Epic works very hard to allow everyone an even, safe and fun space for all those who attend our events, but we require each of YOU to succeed in this!


Zephyr Epic is not responsible for the loss or theft of items on the premises. If you require aid or assistance, please do not hesitate to ask Zephyr Epic staff. We’re here to help!


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