Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Everyone loves coupon codes! At Zephyr, we have different coupon codes available depending on the event, contest or promotion thats running. They’re easy to keep track of, and even easier to redeem!



How do I get a coupon code?

There are different ways to obtain Coupon Codes. Many are based on promotions or events we’re running. Products that qualify for coupon codes will be indicated on the specific product page.

Another way to get Coupon Codes is through our social platforms. We frequently run contests and giveaways where coupon codes are given or available to those who participate and/or win.

Do I get a coupon code for signing up for the Newsletter?

No, at this time coupon codes are not available when signing up for the newsletter. However, by signing up for the newsletter you will be the first to learn about new promotions happening online and in store.

How do I apply my coupon code?

Customers can redeem coupon codes online during checkout by entering the code in the Coupon Code field and click Apply Coupon. Coupon codes that are valid will be automatically applied and you will see the discount reflected in your cart total.

If you have a coupon code that has been sent to you directly, it will appear in your My Account Dashboard under the section Coupons. These available coupons will also appear during checkout, and you can apply them straight from your cart.

Why can't I apply my coupon code?

Please refer to the tab above if this is the first time you are attempting to redeem your coupon code.

We offer different types of coupon codes to our customers. Each has a different expiration period. Some last for a month, and some have shorter life cycles. For more information, refer to the the details outlined when given the coupon code as the expiration date should be specified at the time of issue.

If you were given a special promo code directly from a Zephyr Epic team member, it is most likely a one-time use code with a definitive expiration date. If you have previously redeemed it, then you will likely experience an error for any additional attempts to use it.

How do I use two different coupon codes on my order?

Zephyr limits the use of coupon codes to 1 code per transaction. If you would like to use multiple promotional codes you can do so on separate transactions.

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