Kane Photobombed Sylvain Turgeon's Hockey Card. You Won't Believe What He Does 23 Years Later!

Patrick Kane in Sylvain Turgeon’s 1994-1995 Pinnacle Hockey Card.

Patrick Kane in Sylvain Turgeon’s 1994-1995 Pinnacle Hockey Card.

The year is 1994. The New York Rangers end their 54-year drought, Dominik Hasek ushers in a new era of goaltending dominance, and a 5 year old Patrick Kane get’s ready to appear on his first hockey trading card. (The first in what would be a long line of trading cards)

He grabs his favorite team’s jersey (being born in Buffalo, that’s obviously the Sabres), and can’t contain his excitement as the game gets started. There’ll be no popcorn or ice cream for him. He just wants to watch the game and take it all in.

Which, is exactly what he’s doing when a photographer snaps a picture of Sylvain Turgeon crashing down in front of him. The very same photo that would go on to be used for Turgeon’s 1994-1995 Pinnacle Card (#288).

1994-95 Pinnacle #288 Sylvain Turgeon/with young Patrick Kane

1994-95 Pinnacle #288 Sylvain Turgeon/with young Patrick Kane

It wouldn’t be discovered that Kane was on the card until 20 years later. At that time (2015) many thought that was it for the story. Fast forward just 2 years however and another layer is added:

Patrick Kane just tied Sylvain Turgeon with 269 career goals. This makes Kane:

  • The player with the most goals of any Blackhawks player born in the United States.
  • The player with the 6th most goals goals on the Blackhawks’ all time goals list.
  • And, the only player to appear on a hockey card 12 years before their career began.

Kane only needs 30 goals to move into the top 5 for the franchise (passing Dennis Hull in the process).

If you’re a big fan of Patrick Kane, you may be excited to find out that the Sylvain Turgeon card with him on it can still be had for pretty cheap. Most good quality cards can be had for $25 or less online, with some highly rated cards (GEM MINT 10) going for close to $100. The real cheap finds will be at card conventions and stores however, where some have reported getting the card for as cheap as a quarter!

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