Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of Darkness 1st Edition Booster Box

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of Darkness 1st Edition Booster Box

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Factory Sealed 1st Edition Booster Box Contains 24 Legacy of Darkness 9-card booster packs

This Original 1st Edition Box first released in June of 2003,  is only the 6th ever Booster Box released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game series and offered players highly sought after cards such as "Injection Fairy Lily", "Fiber Jar", "Last Turn", "Yata-Garasu" and "Dark Ruler Ha Des". Even after 15 years these are still used and extremely valuable.

Focusing primarily on Warrior, Dragon and Fiend type Monster cards this set also offered players the unique and powerful Spirit Monsters to obliterate their foes with tactical effects that altered game-play by allowing you to return monsters to your hand after utilizing their effects to the fullest. 

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