Pokémon World Championships Deck

Pokémon World Championships Deck

Play Like a Champion!

These 4 decks are card-for-card replicas of a title-contender's deck from 2016 Pokémon World Championship in San Francisco.

Each deck contains:

  • 60 card deck (With different backing art - not tournament legal)
  • 2016 World Championships booklet
  • 2016 World Championships deck box
  • Special 2016 World Championships pin

Choose from 1 of these 4 decks, or buy all 4 and save!

  • Jesper Eriksen's Bebe Deck
  • Shintaro Ito's Magical Symphony Deck
  • Shunto Sadahiro's Black Dragon Deck
  • Cody Walinski's Ninja Blitz Deck

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