The Lord Of The Rings Middle-Earth Coin Set #1

The Lord Of The Rings Middle-Earth Coin Set #1

A Middle-Earth Selection of Coins

A collection of coins from Moria, Hollin, Mordor, Rohan and Old Dale.

Old Dale Raven PennyMinted in 2769, just one year before the arrival of Smaug and the destruction of Dale, this is one of the last relics from Old Dale.

Hollin Fall Leaf of HollyCreated by the Ñoldorin Elves during the time of great friendship and free trading between Elves and Dwarves in Hollin and Moria. Inscriptions in Angerthas and Tengwar.

Mordor Eye of SauronUsed by the minions of The Dark Lord, The Eye of Sauron is surrounded by inscriptions translating to: "Obey Mordor".

Rohan Brumby PennyDepicts the image of Mearas, king of the horses, along with the word, “Edoras,” the capital city of Rohan.

Moria Axe of DurinMade during the First Age of Middle-earth in the mines of Moria. Features the portrait of Durin, the father of Dwarves, surrounded by inscriptions in Angerthas.


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