Pokémon World Championship Decks - 2005

Pokémon World Championship Decks - 2005

Due to high demand, there is a limit of 1 of each deck per order

World Championships Decks from the 2005 Pokémon World Championships.  Choose above from:

Dark Tyranitar Deck - Takashi Yoneda

Takashi Yoneda found a powerful ally for his finalist deck: Dark Tyranitar! You can't find better attacks than Bite Off or Spinning Tail for all-out damage. It's one Pokémon that's hard to stop. Bring this deck to the table for some quick beatdown action!

Queendom Deck - Jeremy Maron

Jeremy Maron built a powerhouse of a deck! Nidoqueen for power, Pidgeot for card drawing, and Milotic for surprises. Nidoqueen's Power Lariat Knock Out your opponent's Pokémon, drawing strength from your Evolved Pokémon on the Bench and warming your Bench up for the battle!

King of the West Deck - Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez chose a powerful Ludicolo deck and added popular Magcargo and tricky Rhydon Pokémon to make a world-class competition deck. Between Magcargo's Smooth Over deck rearrangement and Ludicolo's Swing Dance drawing power, you get whatever you need to win every turn!


Bright Aura Deck - Curran Hill

 Curran Hill's Bright Aura deck demonstrates toughness in the face of adversity. Medicham ex beats up the opponent's Pokémon; Jirachi teams up to provide key card-drawing action. Use Medicham ex's Wise Aura and Sky Kick to outwit your opponent long enough for a Knock Out!

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