Pokémon Sun & Moon-Ultra Prism Theme Decks

Pokémon Sun & Moon-Ultra Prism Theme Decks

The Pokémon Sun & Moon-Ultra Prism expansion introduces an entirely new game mechanic - Prism Star cards!  These cards are so powerful that you can only have one per deck, can only be used once.  What's more, rather than go to the discard pile, they go to the Lost Zone and cannot be recovered!

Play right away with the Sun & Moon-Ultra Prism Theme Decks! Choose above from Mach Strike featuring Garchomp, or Imperial Command featuring Empoleon, or buy both together and save!

Each deck contains:

  • A Pre-built 60 card deck
  • Damage counters
  • A coin
  • 2-player playmat with rules
  • A themed deck box
  • A code card for the Pokémon TCG Online

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