2018 Opening Day Baseball Retail Box

2018 Opening Day Baseball Retail Box

Contains  36 7-card packs

Opening Day from Topps has been the iconic entry-level Baseball card set since 2000, and it’s not hard to see why.  Exceptional in-game photography and rare base card parallels and autographs make this a must-have set for any collector.

Product Breakdown

Base Cards: 200 of the game's most popular superstars, rising young players, and new rookies are highlighted here. Includes 75 cards of players that will be featured in Topps Baseball Series 2!

Parallel Cards

  • Opening Day Edition - Limited to 2018
  • Opening Day 1/1 Edition - Numbered 1/1.
  • Printing Plates - Numbered 1/1.

Insert Cards

  • Opening Day: Celebrating the start of the season, these cards capture the pageantry of the 1st game played during the 2017 MLB season.
  • National Anthem: Select players are captured with their hats off during the singing of the United States and Canadian national anthems.
  • Before Opening Day: Featuring players in candid moments, interacting with fans and preparing for the season ahead, during Spring Training.
  • Opening Day Stars Stickers: Over 40 of the leading MLB players will receive all-new sticker cards.
  • Mascots: Everyone's favorite anthropomorphized creatures take top billing in this set.
  • Team Traditions & Celebrations: Iconic and unique events are celebrated on cardboard.
  • Stadium Signatures: Some fans are fortunate enough to get a player to sign an autograph for them while at the ballpark. Are you lucky enough to find one of these cards?
  • Dugout Peeks: Get a glimpse at some of your favorite players as they watch the game, interact with teammates, or just relax within the confines of the team dugout
  • Base Card Variations: Over 25 players will receive image variation base cards featuring a completely different image from the 2017 MLB season.
  • Opening Day Autographs: Up to 20 MLB rookies and stars are celebrated on cards that feature their signature.
  • Opening Day Relics: Collectors will "Own the Game" with these cards that contain pieces of game-used memorabilia
  • Diamond Relics: Leading stars from across the league will be featured on cards that will contain genuine field dirt encased within the card.

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