Warhammer 40,000 – Drukhari Incubi


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Product Description

Drukhari are similar in many ways to the rest of the Eldar race – tall, slender, humanoids with tapered ears and sharp eyes. However, generations of conflict combined with living inside the Dark City has led to a number of distinct biological changes. Their skin now appears almost translucent and their eyes have adapted to work perfectly in pitch-black darkness, an effect of the lack of sunlight within Commorragh. The strength and reflexes of the Drukhari, commonly known as Dark Eldar, are arguably superior to that of a Craftworld Eldar, footage of the Evolus Massacre had to be slowed to one-fourth speed in order to follow the movements of individual Kabalites as they slaughtered Imperial civilians. Their reactions are so fast that stories of Drukhari dodging lasguns fire and kicking frag grenades back into the enemy’s ranks are common.

No civilisation or settlement is safe from these Deadly raiders!

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Product Breakdown:

  • 5x Drukhari Incubi’s
  • 5x 28.5mm Citadel Round Bases
  • 1x 25mm Citadel Round Base