Warhammer 40,000 - Astra Militarium Cadian Command Squad


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This set allows you to build five Cadian Command Troopers, including a Company Commander, a Medic, a Special Weapon Trooper, a Vox-caster and a Guardsman with Company Banner. The squad can be armed with a choice of weapons including:

  • sniper rifle
  • heavy flamer
  • plasma gun
  • grenade launcher
  • flamer, a meltagun
  • powerfist
  • chainsword
  • power sword
  • plasma pistol
  • bolt pistol
  • laspistol

Also included are two different Company Banners, a variety of heads and additional accessories to allow you to customize the squad.

This kit is supplied in 79 plastic components and comes with 5 Citadel 25mm round bases.

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