GB #116: 2019-20 Panini Mosaic + Chronicles 5 Box Break - Team Random - April 23 @ 5 PM PT




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Group Break #116: 2019-20 Panini Mosaic + Chronicles 5 Box Break – Team Random – April 23 @ 5 PM PT

Boxes in this break:

  • 2x 2019-20 Panini Mosaic Basketball Blaster
  • 2x 2019-20 Panini Chronicles Blaster
  • 1x 2019-20 Panini Mosaic Multipack Box

Break Notes:

Team USA cards

If it is a player on a national team (i.e. Team USA) it will go to either their current team if they are an active player OR to the team they played the most games for if they are a retired player. For Mosaic, these teams are as follows:

  • 251 Kevin Durant – USA Basketball — Brooklyn Nets
  • 252 Charles Barkley – USA Basketball — Philadelphia 76ers
  • 253 Patrick Ewing – USA Basketball — New York Knicks
  • 254 Larry Bird – USA Basketball — Boston Celtics
  • 255 Magic Johnson – USA Basketball — Los Angeles Lakers
  • 256 Scottie Pippen – USA Basketball — Chicago Bulls
  • 257 Karl Malone – USA Basketball — Utah Jazz
  • 258 Vince Carter – USA Basketball — Toronto Raptors
  • 259 Dwyane Wade – USA Basketball — Miami Heat
  • 260 Stephen Curry – USA Basketball — Golden State Warriors

Break Procedure:

Each spot will get you 1 random NBA team. This break has 30 spots (1-30). After all the spots are purchased, we will then take a list of the NBA teams and randomize them 3 times.

Please select a spot from the dropdown menu.  If it shows “Sold Out” please select a different spot.

*There is a limit of 3 spots per person/address (no exceptions). Please note that any attempts to make multiple orders will result in cancellations.  This is to ensure that as many people as possible are able to purchase this high-demand item.  Thank you for your understanding!

The break is scheduled for April 23rd @ 5 PM PT on In the event that all spots are not sold, the break may be postponed to a later date once all the spots are filled.

Shipping Procedures:

Please note that all Group Break orders will be shipped out the following week on either the Wednesday or Thursday with Canada Post Expedited shipping. If you are picking up your order from the store, please note that they will not be available for pickup until the following Wednesday.

For more info regarding how breaks work please visit our FAQ.