Pokémon World Championship Deck - 2004

Pokémon World Championship Deck - 2004

Due to high demand, there is a limit of 1 of each deck per order

World Championships Decks from the 2004 Pokémon World Championships.  Choose above from: 

Magma Spirit Deck - Tsuguyoshi Yamato

Tsuguyoshi's Magma Spirit deck focuses heavily on the powerful Team Magma Pokémon. With plenty of search cards it makes it easy to get the almighty Team Magma's Groudon into play, then it's time to pulverize with it's mighty Linear Attack!

Blaziken Tech Deck - Chris Fulop 

By combining the unlikely team of Blaziken and Bellossom, Chris Fulop produced an absolute powerhouse of a deck. Utilizing the deck's extra healing support, Pokémon like Delcatty, Team Aqua's Manectric and Blaziken can stay in the game longer and do some serious ex damage! 

Team Rushdown Deck - Kevin Nguyen 

Kevin Nguyen combined the powers of Magneton and Delcatty to keep your opponent from having a balanced deck, then utilized Boost Energy to his advantage to make his Gardevoir and Gardevoir ex an unstoppable force! 

Rocky Beach Deck - Reed Weichler
Reed made a big splash with this Water Energy soaked deck. By using Swampert ex's Hyper Pump and Swampert's ability to provide extra Energy to your Active Pokémon, Reed made it extremely tough for his opponents to stay afloat.  

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