Magic : The Gathering - Commander 2019

Magic : The Gathering - Commander 2019

Multiplayer Magic players celebrate, Commander is back with new decks and rekindled mechanics for Summer 2019! Each Commander Deck includes a 99-card singleton deck and 1 featured commander to lead your army into battle. 

Choose between: 

  • Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer - Faceless Menace/Morph Deck
  • Ghired, Conclave Exile - Primal Genesis/Populate Deck
  • Sevinne, The Chronoclasm - Mystic Intellect/Flashback Deck
  • Anje Falkenrath - Merciless Rage/Madness Deck

 Box Contents: 

  • 1 foil Oversize Card featuring your Commander + 1 standard size foil Commander Card
  • 99-card deck that accompanies your Commander's Game Mechanics
  • Deck Box

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